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650-Year-Old Temple to Aztec Wind God Unearthed Under Supermarket in Mexico
A temple dedicated to the Aztec wind god, Ehécatl-Quetzalcóatl, has been unearthed during the demolition of a supermarket in Mexico City. The circular [...]
New SpaceShipTwo Flies Free for the First Time
Dozens more test flights will follow on the Virgin Galactic spaceplane “Unity” before paying passengers are aboard. Source: discover
The coldest decade of the millennium?
While searching through historical archives to find out more about the 15th-century climate of what is now Belgium, northern France, Luxembourg, and the [...]
Embryonic cluster galaxy immersed in giant cloud of cold gas
Astronomers studying a cluster of still-forming protogalaxies seen as they were more than 10 billion years ago have found that a giant galaxy in the center [...]
Astronomers watch star clusters spewing out dust
Galaxies are often thought of as sparkling with stars, but they also contain gas and dust. Now, a team led by UCLA astronomers has used new data to show [...]
Predation on pollinating insects shaped the evolution of the orchid mantis
A team of scientists at The Cleveland Museum of Natural History, Australia, and Germany discovered that the orchid mantis looks like a flower due to the [...]
Fires set by Ice Age hunters destroyed forests throughout Europe
Large-scale forest fires started by prehistoric hunter-gatherers are probably the reason why Europe is not more densely forested. The finding — by an [...]
Ancient Pyramids in an Icy Landscape: Was There an Ancient Civilization in Antarctica?
The World Wide Web is all abuzz with Google Earth images of Antarctica that appear to show pyramids in the icy landscape. The images show what appears to [...]
Some Viking Left His Toolbox at a Danish Fortress 1,000 Years Ago
The set of iron hand tools may have been used to make Viking ships and houses. Source: discover
Lightning Hit Apollo 12 Mid-Flight (Twice): Here's What Happened Next
Apollo 11 might be the most famous moon-bound mission, but Apollo 12 is definitely the most dramatic. Source: discover