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All About Neanderthals – The Surprising Facts
Current evidence suggests that Neanderthals and humans shared a last common ancestor sometime between 765,000 and 550,000 years ago. Read more Section:  [...]
The Rich Mythology and Megalithic Culture of the Ancient Berbers, Lords of the Desert
The Barbary Coast of North Africa was named after the Berbers, the nomadic people who inhabited the region west of the Nile Valley in north Africa. Called [...]
Geomagnetic jerks finally reproduced and explained
Initially described in 1978, geomagnetic jerks are unpredictable events that abruptly accelerate the evolution of the Earth’s magnetic field, and [...]
How does wildlife fare after fires?
Fire ecologists and wildlife specialists at La Trobe University have made key discoveries in how wildlife restores itself after bushfires, and what [...]
Human influence on climate change is traced back to the 19th century
Climate change poses a serious challenge to the human society and it is generally believed that humans are themselves to blame. The Intergovernmental Panel [...]
Researchers calculate decades of 'scary' Greenland ice melting
Measuring melting ice is a fairly precise business in 2019—thanks to satellites, weather stations and sophisticated climate models. Satellites are used to [...]
Simple sea anemones not so simple after all
The tube-dwelling anemone is an ancient sea creature that resembles a prehistoric flower. The animals live slow, long and predictable lifestyles and look [...]
Largest Ever Maya Figurine Workshop Discovered Accidentally in Unexplored Mound
In May 2018, heavy machinery excavating outside the city of Coban, in the highlands of Guatemala, sliced into a large earthen mound that was found to [...]
Solid Muldoon: Petrified Prehistoric Man was an Elaborate and Daring Hoax
The Solid Muldoon is the name given to a supposedly petrified prehistoric man that was ‘discovered’ in 1877. This ‘petrified body’ was unearthed by William [...]
Saint George, The Dragon Slayer: The Legend Behind the Hero
St. George is perhaps one of Christianity’s most famous saints, and is best-known as the patron saint of England. Apart from this well-known fact, St. [...]