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Caroline Herschel, Co-Discoverer of the Universe
Caroline Herschel is famous for being one of the first women to make significant contributions to astronomy. She discovered eight comets and many nebulae [...]
The Literary Panorama of the Tarot Cards: Historical Reality and Myths
Although the Tarot is the most widely used ‘book of images’ in the world for the purpose of fortune-telling, many people are oblivious to its origins.  [...]
Medieval Book Tells Kids Don’t Pick Your Ears or Nostrils!
A new British Library website presenting collections of books from the British Library, Seven Stories, Bodleian Libraries, and the V&A includes [...]
Lost Kingdom that Crushed King Midas Identified in Turkey
Archaeologists have made an amazing discovery in the south of Turkey. While investigating an area rich in archaeological remains they believe that they [...]
How Some Naked Monks of India Fascinated Alexander the Great
The impact of Alexander III of Macedon better known to us as Alexander the Great, continues to this day. Even in the Indian sub-continent, his legacy is [...]
New Evidence: Lost Queen Nefertiti May be Hidden in King Tut's Tomb!
Is there or isn’t there a hidden chamber, or chambers, connected to King Tutankhamun’s tomb? Just when we think the story reaches a conclusion a new study [...]
Perth Pictish find offers glimpse into Scotland's warrior past
Archaeologists have carefully recreated images of a figure on a Pictish stone, discovered during the construction of a road in 2017, with the details [...]
Hundreds of Roman Wine Amphorae Found in Underwater Cave
Marine archaeologists have made an amazing discovery in an underwater cave in the Spanish Balearic Islands. They found a large number of amphorae in the [...]
Pericles: The Charismatic and Powerful Politician of Ancient Greece
On the eve of his conception sometime in 495 BC, Pericles’ mother Agariste dreamed of giving birth to a lion. It was then, months later, Pericles was born. [...]
A plan to save Earth's oceans
At least 26 per cent of our oceans need urgent conservation attention to preserve Earth’s marine biodiversity, a University of Queensland-led [...]