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A mammoth undertaking: How de-extinction can be made more ecologically responsible
Can the woolly mammoth be brought back from the dead? Scientists say it’s only a matter of time. In fact this year, the International Union for [...]
Well-preserved vaulted brick structure found in ancient Metropolis
Archaeological excavations in the ancient city of Metropolis, situated in western Turkey approximately 40 km SE of Izmir, have unearthed a well-preserved [...]
Evidence of Scandinavian influence in central Poland during the Mesolithic period
The inhabitants of the area of central Poland were in contact – and perhaps also traded with the people living in today’s Scandinavia – [...]
2nd-oldest confirmed shipwreck found in Great Lakes
The second-oldest confirmed shipwreck in the Great Lakes, an American-built, Canadian-owned sloop that sank in Lake Ontario more than 200 years ago, has [...]
Roman-era zodiac mosaic uneathed in NW Turkey
A Roman-era “Mithras Mosaic,” dating back nearly two millennia and depicting solar and astrological signs from the Roman zodiac has been [...]
Why Areas with More Men Have Higher Marriage Rates
In places where men outnumber women, it might seem like science would suggest that more testosterone and fewer available females might lead to less [...]
Tasty Tech Eye Candy of the Week (Aug. 28)
Artificial Wave Lagoon Previous Next A Perth, Australia-based company, the Wave Park Group , recently presented a proposal to the city of Melville to turn [...]
The Great Powers of Guanyin: An All-Seeing, Compassionate Inspiration
Buddhism is usually regarded as a religion which is led by one master – Buddha. However, there are many more ancient legendary masters in this belief [...]
Neolithic Chic: Body Piercing Fashion from the Arctic Around 5,000 Years Ago
Ancient items of jewellery found by archeologists on Taymyr peninsula are stone labrets which were inserted into the face below the bottom lip. Read more [...]
Gold, Amber, Artwork and Military Paraphernalia: The Continuous Crusade for Lost Nazi Treasures
During World War II Poland and other parts of Central Europe were damaged, and many museums and precious collections were destroyed. Now, explorers are [...]