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4,000-Year-Old Unlooted Tomb Complete with Mummy and Grave Goods Discovered in Egypt
A Spanish team of archaeologists has unearthed a 4,000-year-old unopened tomb in West Aswan, Egypt.  The tomb belongs to the brother of Sarenput II, one of [...]
Ancient fossil reveals the evolution of bird legs for the first time
Researchers from the UK and China have found that living birds have a more crouched leg posture than their ancestors, who are generally thought to have [...]
UNESCO raises $75.5 mn to protect heritage from war, terror
Seven countries and an American donor on Monday pledged $75.5 million (70 million euros) to a UNESCO-backed fund aimed at protecting the world’s [...]
Unique ancient Greek terracotta statue unearthed at Crimean bridge construction site
A part of a unique terracotta statue has been found at the Crimean bridge construction site during underwater diggings near the Ak-Burun Cape, Sergei [...]
Alabaster statue of Queen Tiye found in Egypt's Luxor
The European Egyptian mission working in King Amenhotep III funerary temple at Kom Al-Hittan area on Luxor west bank, has uncovered a beautifully carved [...]
Oldest case of bison communal hunting found at Spain's Atapuerca site
Some 400,000 years ago, in Sierra de Atapuerca (Burgos, Spain), people had to search for food almost on a daily basis, taking what was found around them. [...]
In the Wake of the Stronsay Globster
More humans have walked on the moon than have been to the deepest parts of planet Earth and although the oceans cover 70% of Earth’s surface, we only know [...]
Lost History of a Mad Man? Revealing the Surprisingly Compassionate Side of Nero, One of the “Worst” Ancient Roman Emperors
For centuries, the Roman emperor Nero has been well chronicled for his cruelty. Stories about his madness include divorcing his first wife before having [...]
Amazing Crystal Weapons Discovered Within 5,000-Year-Old Megalithic Tomb in Spain
Archaeologists in Spain have unearthed an extremely rare set of weapons, including a long dagger blade, twenty-five arrowheads and cores used for creating [...]
Tracing aromatic molecules in the early Universe
A molecule found in car engine exhaust fumes that is thought to have contributed to the origin of life on Earth has made astronomers heavily underestimate [...]