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Solar Microgrids and Mobile Phones Help Bring Electricity to Rural Kenyans
Places that lacked an electrical grid and land-line telephones throughout the 20th century are powering their homes and businesses with the latest [...]
A Potent Greenhouse Gas Used to Make Solar Panels Is on the Rise
Nitrogen trifluoride emissions in the United States, while very low compared to carbon dioxide, could be an easy target in the fight against climate [...]
Gazelle Stewed in Broth and Garlic: Would You Try These 3,700-Year-Old Recipes for the Babylonian Elite?
“A cuisine of striking richness, refinement, sophistication and artistry, which is surprising from such an early period,” is how French Assyriologist [...]
Virtual Singapore Delivers SimCity-Like 3D Modeling to Urban Planners
The $73 million project will allow Singapore officials to navigate through a digital representation of the city while accessing a wide array of data. [...]
Celtic Secrets in Enchanting Gold, What is the Story Behind the Braganza Brooch?
The story of a warrior and animals depicted in a small but gorgeous ancient fibula increases the pulse of researchers and others who are passionate about [...]
Roman house and phallic amulets unearthed in Israel
Archaeologists working at the site of Omrit in northern Israel have uncovered a Roman house dating back around 1,900 years. The 1,900-year-old house [...]
Archaeologists and historians clash with geneticists over UK Viking study
A large DNA study has received criticism from archaeologists who think that geneticists have gotten the wrong end of the stick and misunderstood the Viking [...]
200 looted artefacts recovered in northern Italy
About 200 Etruscan, Apulian and Magna Graecia vases, small statues, ceramics and bronze archaeological finds illegally kept in the house of a former art [...]
The Legendary Prophetess Veleda: A Secret Weapon Against the Romans
Legends about beautiful women who drove armies of men to glory are very familiar in history. In the case of Veleda, her story didn’t end with the [...]
Impressively Large Jade Pendant with Unique Inscription Discovered in Belize
A group of archaeologists have discovered in Belize a large, carved jade pendant that once belonged to an ancient Maya king, inscribed with a historical [...]