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Is UNESCO World Heritage status for cultural sites killing the things it loves?
Hoi An is a beautiful coastal town in central Vietnam that escaped the devastation of the American War. In 1999, it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage [...]
New Finds at the Well-Preserved Wreck of the Formidable Warship Mars
Mars was one of the largest battleships in the world when it was buil,t and it was re-discovered in 2011 at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. More discoveries [...]
Decapitated Pompeii Man Was Not Killed By the Block
At the end of May, archaeologists working at Pompeii made a remarkable and grisly discovery when they unearthed the remains of a man who had apparently [...]
Discovered! An Ancient Mongolian Stone Selfie!
Somewhere, deep in prehistory a human being gazed at their reflection in rock-pool, and was struck with an urge to carve what he saw. Subsequently, the [...]
The Black Stone Sarcophagus is Open and Investigators Found More Than They Bargained For!
Rumors have been rolling about since the 27-ton (59,500 lb.) black granite sarcophagus was uncovered three weeks ago in Alexandria, Egypt.  Read more [...]
The Thousand-Year History of the Spectacular Cliff Face Monastery of Sumela
The Sumela Monastery is one of the oldest and most historic monasteries in the Christian world.   There are no exact records about when it was built or by [...]
Jupiter's Breathtaking Cloud Formations on Display in New Juno Image
Watching the clouds go by here on Earth is entertaining, but now we have an even better view of some stunning clouds on another world — Jupiter. [...]
As Opportunity Rover Sleeps, Other NASA Craft Study Mars' Raging Dust Storm
NASA’s Opportunity rover remains silent on the Red Planet, blanketed by a monster dust storm that many other Mars spacecraft are studying in detail. [...]
Mars at Opposition 2018: How to See It and What to Expect
Get ready to see the Red Planet up close this month: Just after Mars reaches opposition with the sun July 27, 2018, observers on Earth will have their [...]
Who Owns the Moon? A Space Lawyer Answers
Only less than a century ago, back on Earth, planting a national flag in another part of the world still amounted to claiming that territory for the [...]