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Bodies of Ancient Monks Found in Sudan Were Stripped of Their Flesh Before Burial
More than 100 sets of ancient human remains have been excavated from four cemeteries near the ruins of a medieval Christian monastery in Sudan. Researchers [...]
Using Sacred Numbers to Make Money – Secret Kabbalist Practices for Conquering Chance
An unusual pentagonal diagram with numbers and letters is found in some old texts. The oldest extant version is in a French book published in 1754, but the [...]
Secret Letters, Including 400-Year-Old Shopping List, Found in Historic Mansion in England
Three letters dating back to the 1600s have been discovered hidden under floorboards during an historic house restoration. The incredible treasures have [...]
The British Military Wants a Laser Deflector Shield That Can Spy on Enemies
Still in the conceptual phase, this device would use a laser to heat the atmosphere, creating either a shield or a floating magnifying glass that could spy [...]
XPRIZE Lunar Contest Will Attempt a Robotic Moon Landing This Year
The moon race is on, with at least five teams in the running for a $20 million first-place prize from the Google Lunar XPRIZE for a technology demo on the [...]
Making Medieval Magic: Countering Infections and Poison with Nine Potent Herbs
Many old spells have been lost or forgotten over the years, but careful readers of medieval books can still recognize some of them tucked within old tomes. [...]
New Wind Turbines Mimic Hummingbird Wings
A unique biomimetic design could take wind power in a whole new direction, both for small-scale and large-scale renewable energy systems. Source: discover
Oldest cemetery of African slaves found in Canary Islands
An international team of investigators has confirmed that the unique cemetery discovered in 2009 in Santa Maria de Guia, in the Canary Islands was indeed [...]
Scientist says Ötzi's last meal was Stone Age cured meat
A scientist has revealed that the last meal that Ötzi the Iceman ate was dry-cured meat – a type of snack now known as Speck in Austria and South [...]
Major Viking Age manor discovered at Birka, Sweden
For centuries it has been speculated where the manor of the royal bailiff of Birka, Herigar, might have been located. New geophysical results provide [...]