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No Bones Provides a New Perspective for ‘House of the Dead’
This summer, the University of Reading Archaeology Field School excavated one of the most extraordinary sites we have ever had the pleasure of [...]
Inscriptions on Song Dynasty Tombs Narrate the Captivating Tale of an Ancient Chinese Couple
Archaeologists have announced the discovery of two 800-year-old tombs that narrate the story of an ancient Chinese couple. The tombs were found in a [...]
The Comet that Sparked a Worldwide Flood ‘Myth’
It seems that Noah’s Great Biblical Flood was caused by comet fragments striking the earth. Isaac Newton was the first one to come up with a theory [...]
Tiny Slowdown in Earth's Rotation Could Unleash Major Earthquakes
The slowdown in Earth’s rotation could trigger more earthquakes next year, new research suggests. Source: space
NASA Agreement Sign of Stratolaunch Engine Development Program
An agreement to do engine testing at a NASA center is the latest sign that Stratolaunch is considering developing its own launch vehicle for its giant [...]
A Van Gogh Jupiter: Planet's Clouds Swirl Like a Painting
NASA’s Juno spacecraft captured an amazing view of a monstrous Jupiter storm that resembles the swirling pastel clouds of a Vincent van Gogh [...]
James Webb: Early NASA Visionary
James E. Webb was an early NASA administrator who saw beyond the politics of the space race and established a firm foundation for the space agency based on [...]
François l’Olonnais: Cunning and Cruel Pirate and Flail of the Spanish
François l’Olonnais was a notorious French buccaneer who lived during the 17th century. l’Olonnais’ career as a pirate lasted about 10 years, from 1660 [...]
SpaceX Expects Government Support for Development of BFR Launch System
The president of SpaceX said she expects the company would receive additional funding from the U.S. government to support the development of its large [...]
Medieval Treasure Unearthed at the Abbey of Cluny
In mid-September, a large treasure was unearthed during a dig at the Abbey of Cluny, in the French department of Saône-et-Loire: 2,200 silver deniers and [...]