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Stairway to Heaven: The story of Jacob's Ladder
Jacob’s ladder is the name given to the stairway that appears in the dream of the Biblical Patriarch Jacob. Jacob’s ladder is the name given to the [...]
The Passetto: Escape Route of Popes in Times Past
The Passetto di Borgo (also known simply as the Passetto, which may be translated as a small passage) is a corridor that connects the Vatican City, more [...]
Archaeologists Find Pompeii Victims Who Perished in a Shop
Archaeologists carrying out excavations on the outskirts of the Roman city of Pompeii have discovered the remains of four people in the ruins of an ancient [...]
Criminals Have a Carbon Footprint Too
Criminals don’t bother to consider their victims, so would they give thought to how their actions influence the environment? Almost certainly not, [...]
Great Pyramid of Giza found to be slightly lopsided
The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the most impressive structures in the world, but it also has a small design flaw. It’s lopsided. The good news? [...]
Skeletons, coins found in dig of ancient Pompeii shop
Italian and French archaeologists have discovered four skeletons and gold coins in the ruins of an ancient shop on the outskirts of Pompeii, officials said [...]
Brexit Octopus: Why People Love 'Psychic' Animals
While the world debates the Great Britain’s decision to leave the European Union, at least one U.K. celebrity’s take is well known. She is Otto [...]
Riding the Seas: The Kelpies and Other Fascinating Water Horses in Myth and Legend
There are many interesting legends from around the world and through the ages that refer to mythical beings that are similar to horses. The Scottish [...]
Sea star death triggers ecological domino effect
A new study by Simon Fraser University marine ecologists Jessica Schultz, Ryan Cloutier and Isabelle Cote has discovered that a mass mortality of sea stars [...]
New discoveries on evolution can save endangered species
Traditionally, the evolutionary development of an insect species has been explained by the notion that the female insect chooses her male partner based on [...]