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Age of first chief's ancient tomb reveals Pacific Islanders invented new kind of society
New dating on the stone buildings of Nan Madol suggests the ancient coral reef capital in the Pacific Ocean was the earliest among the islands to be ruled [...]
Viking 'horned' Odin figurine found in Denmark
A fine little figure, only 5 cm (2”) tall, popped out of the earth in late August when metal-detector operator Søren Andersen searched for metal artefacts [...]
Unusual medieval graves found in Poland
Ten monumental tombs discovered in Sasiny (Podlaskie), initially believed by archaeologists to contain Neolithic burials, were found to be less that 1,000 [...]
A.I. Computers Should Be Named as Inventors on Patents
A lawyer proposes that creative computers be elevated from the role of sophisticated tools to that of inventors. Source: discover
The Police Have Your Face on File, But Can They Recognize It?
Accuracy and privacy are at risk as police add drivers’ license photos of innocent people to criminal databases. Source: discover
Chain-Smoking Chimp Fires Up Crowds in North Korea
A 19-year-old zoo chimp named Azalea has a pack-a-day habit, but officials say she doesn’t inhale. Source: discover
Herodotus, Cato the Censor and Josephus: Understanding the Life and Times of Historians of the Ancient World
For thousands of years, we turned to history to explain the what, why and how an event happened. Although “historian” did not become a professional [...]
Rural Towns See Pot Farming in Their Future
Weed is becoming a lucrative legal product that could help some economically depressed areas. Source: discover
Why Did 2,400-Year-Old Stone Idol in Siberia Undergo Racial Realignment to Look Less European?
The 2,400-year-old Ust-Taseyevsky idol ‘underwent racial realignment early in Middle Ages’, losing his European looks. But why this medieval [...]
Hopes Are Dim for Europe's Missing Mars Lander
Europe’s space agency is confident they have the data in hand to learn what happened to Schiaparelli. Source: discover