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Supervolcanoes May Give Just a Year’s Warning
Photo: This is a caldera of a supervolcano that erupted in Long Valley, east of the Sierra Nevada mountain range in California, 760,000 years ago. Credit: [...]
600-Year-Old Forbidden City Untouched in Flooded Beijing
A 55-hour-long rainstorm pelted Beijing over July 19 and 20—a continuation of floods that have claimed nearly 600 lives and displaced tens of thousands [...]
Often-Fatal Beak Deformity in Birds May Be Due to Virus
Photo: Avian Keratin Disorder can severely impact a bird’s ability to preen — a behavior crucial to its survival. Here, a black-capped [...]
3-D Movies Pop on Giant Screens Without 3-D Glasses
The hassle with 3-D movies, going back more than 150 years now , is the matter of those goofy 3-D glasses. The happy news? We may no longer need them, [...]
How Are U.S. Voter Demographics Changing?
The 2016 elections will be the most racially diverse in U.S. history. One-in-three eligible voters will be black, Hispanic, or Asian. How are voting [...]
Empire Strikes and a Smothering Heat Wave: Photos
Previous Next U.S. weather got weird this week, when an appropriately named “heat dome” trapped hot air over much of the country. Parts of the [...]
Discovery of Ancient Tool Unravels Mystery of How Rope was Made 40,000 Years Ago
Rope and twine are critical components in the technology of mobile hunters and gatherers. In exceptional cases, impressions of string have been found in [...]
Scientists Say A Mystery Species Bred with Ancient Humans in Distant Past
A new study of the genomes of Australasians has revealed sections of DNA that do not match any known hominin species. The dramatic findings mean that a [...]
Mummies Found in Chile Did Not Let Harsh Life Conditions Get Them Down
Despite apparent episodes of food shortage, disease, violence, and severe weather conditions, it seems that, at least for some people, life in Chile [...]
Americans Getting Shorter Due to Bad Diet
Americans kids’ junk food diet is making them shorter as adults compared to the rest of the world. That’s one finding from a massive new study [...]