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On the trail of the Father Crespi Collection: A Sad Discovery – Part II
There is nothing of Padre Crespi’s collection left in our building! ‘Brother Gatekeeper’ assures us when we arrive at the main portal of the Salesian [...]
Longest Ancient Etruscan Inscription Reveals Name of Virtually Unknown Goddess
Researchers working in Poggio Colla, a key ancient Etruscan settlement in Italy, have found a 120-character inscription, described as one of the most [...]
Virtually Tour Yosemite Park with President Obama
So just yesterday, I realized that my summer to-do list still had one outstanding item. Like a lot of Americans, I suspect, I’d really been hoping to [...]
Climate Change Could Put Tiny Krill at Big Risk
Antarctic krill, centimeter-long shrimp-like crustaceans that feed primarily on phytoplankton, are a key part of the Antarctic marine food chain. Credit: [...]
Hurricanes Intensifying, But Some Won't Believe It
As we’re getting into the hurricane season, the scary reality is that scientists’ measurements of storm intensity show that North Atlantic [...]
Recently discovered Etruscan stele names female goddess
Archaeologists translating a very rare inscription on an ancient Etruscan temple stone have discovered the name Uni — an important female goddess. [...]
Seeing inside an ancient Australian indigenous artefact non-invasively
Nuclear techniques have allowed archaeologists to see into an embedded section of an ancient Australian Indigenous stone artefact non-invasively—suggesting [...]
How Long Will Caffeine Buzz Last? Genes May Tell
If one cup of coffee keeps you perked up all day, you may be able to thank your genes for that long-lasting caffeine kick, a new study finds. Scientists in [...]
Artefacts turned over to the Israel Antiquities Authority
Metal artifacts, the earliest of which are 3,500 years old, were recently presented to the Israel Antiquities Authority by a family that inherited them [...]
Arctic gives clues on worst mass extinction of life
Extreme global warming 252 million years ago caused a severe mass extinction of life on Earth. It took life up to 9 million years to recover. New study [...]