1000s of Neolithic Engravings Reveal Egyptians' Ancient Reverence For Animals

May 14, 2019 - General
1000s of animal petroglyphs found in Egypt

The Ancient Egyptians had a remarkable relationship with the animals, who they respected and revered. An astonishing discovery in the deserts of north-eastern Egypt is illustrating that this likely dated back to the late Stone Age.  Archaeologists have found a vast number of engravings on rocks, mainly of animals, at an important Neolithic site. Many of these creatures had great cultural significance in later periods and the petroglyphs are demonstrating that the Egyptians’ regard for animals was very ancient.

A team of archaeologists, working under the auspices of Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities, were recording royal inscriptions in the ‘Eastern Desert northeast of Aswan’ according to the Archaeology News network. These are among the earliest royal engravings that have yet been found and they date back to the Neolithic era some 4000 years ago, when the present-day desert would have been a much more hospitable environment. While examining these the mission found a large number of ancient petroglyphs, that had been made by chipping away the surface of a rock.

Many animal images have been found in one area

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