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The Twelve Most Important Gods in Norse Mythology
In the beginning there were only native forests and wasteland. The Aesirs, one main group of Norse gods, cleared places to stay, both for themselves and [...]
Mysterious stone structures discovered on edge of ancient volcanoes in Saudi Arabia
Hundreds of mysterious structures have been discovered on ancient lava domes in Saudi Arabia by an archaeologist using Google Earth. The gate structures on [...]
Prosecutor seeks 10 million euros fine for the attempted smuggling of two Roman bronze statues from Spain
Two brothers from Cordoba are facing prison sentences and a fine of ten million euros for hiding two Roman bronze statues of the first century in a farm in [...]
Iron Age grave revealed by storm in southeast Ireland
Storm Ophelia unearthed ancient skeletal remains that could be a thousand years old when a coastal walkway was battered by ferocious waves. A walker [...]
Research sheds new light on early turquoise mining in Southwest US
Turquoise is an icon of the desert Southwest, with enduring cultural significance, especially for Native American communities. Yet, relatively little is [...]
Intricacy and Reflection: Transforming Mandalas from Sacred Designs to Art Therapy
Although the word ‘Mandala’ simply means “circle” or “discoid object” in Sanskrit, the significance is far more complex. Traditionally, mandalas [...]
Bizarre Blue 'Flashes and Glows' May Reveal Thunderstorm Secrets
Bright, blue flashes stretch from the tops of powerful thunderstorms toward the edge of space, providing a fascinating celestial show for astronauts on the [...]
NASA Moon Probe Celebrates 100th Lunar Day
October means baseball playoffs, Halloween and, for NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, 100 lunar days on the moon. Source: space
Supermoon 2017: When and How to See December’s 'Full Cold Moon'
When the “Full Cold Moon” rises on Dec. 3, it will also be the first and last “supermoon” of 2017. Source: space
Spiritual Alchemy – Casting Light on a Secret Science
Spiritual alchemy is closely linked to secret knowledge and many who have attained this level of wisdom later decided to withdraw from it as they found [...]