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Research finds Aboriginals lived in Western Desert 50,000 years ago
Archaeologists from The University of Western Australia working with Traditional Custodians from the Birriliburru Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) have [...]
For 3.3 Million Years Stone and Crystal Traditions Have Shaped Our Destiny
Magpies pervade European folklore for their compulsive urge to collect sparkly things. Similarly, humans share this affinity with shiny gemstones and [...]
Turmoil behind primate power struggles often overlooked by researchers
Anyone who peruses relationship settings on social media knows that our interactions with other humans can be intricate, but a new study in Nature: [...]
Roman cemetery found at North Lincolnshire building site
A Roman cemetery has been unearthed on the site of a housing development in North Lincolnshire. The graves contain men, women and children and date back [...]
Napoleon's imperial barge on the move again
A barge built secretly for Napoleon Bonaparte in 1810 to inspect his imperial fleet had its crown removed in a delicate museum operation Tuesday ahead of [...]
Discovery of an Early Iron Age tumulus on Anavlochos, Crete
As part of a 5-year (2017-2021) programme of systematic excavations on Anavlochos, Crete, an Early Iron Age tumulus was discovered in August 2018 by a team [...]
SpaceX Will Livestream Moon Tourist Flight in HD Virtual Reality, Elon Musk Says
Only a lucky handful of artists, and an über-wealthy Japanese billionaire, will take a trip on a rocketship to the moon with SpaceX. But don’t [...]
For Tiny Light Particles, 'Before' and 'After' Mean Nothing
This is how something can be both “before” and “after” something else. Source: space
This Experiment Will Shoot Ghostly Particles Through Earth, Answer Why We Exist
An international group of physicists has announced that they have seen the first signals in a cube-shaped detector called ProtoDUNE. Source: space
New Discovery Suggests That Maya Elites Danced Wearing As Much As 25 Pounds of Jade Jewelry
A five-pound jade head pendant has been found at Ucanal, an archaeological site in what was once the Maya city of K’anwitznal. Read more Section:  [...]