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Elaborate Wari Offerings Found At Pikillaqta Ritual Site [New Find]
Sometime around 1100 AD, Pikillaqta, a major feasting and ceremonial site located near Cusco, Peru, was abandoned by the Wari people. The reason behind [...]
The Beauty of Death, Dying and Rebirth in Tibetan Buddhist Rituals
In Tibet they have a lot of interesting beliefs and rituals regarding death and the world beyond. Read more Section:  News History Ancient Traditions Read [...]
The I Ching: Ancient ‘Book of Changes’ That Provides A Personal Path of Balance and Harmony AND Predicts Your Future!
The I Ching (commonly translated as ‘Book of Changes’ or ‘Classic of Changes’) is an ancient philosophical Chinese text and one of the most important books [...]
Eye-conic Siberian Spectacles: Dazzling Eye Fashion From 2,000 Years Ago Until Today
Siberian goggles are among the world’s earliest eyewear to prevent blindness from the sun’s piercing reflection off the snow. The following remarkable [...]
Highly Trained ‘Watchers’ Positioned At Ancient English Forts Prepare For Game Of Thrones Invasion
English Heritage attempts to distinguish ‘facts from fantasy’ at Hadrian’s Wall as increasing numbers of Game Of Thrones fans visit ‘The Wall’. Read more [...]
The Wooing of Etain: An Irish Tale of Love, Loss, and Jealousy
Étaín is a character from Irish mythology with an extraordinary life story. Her immense physical and spiritual beauty enthralled a member of the fairy folk [...]
Seal of Solomon Controlling the Demonic Armies
Did King Solomon possess a magical ring – given to him directly from heaven – with which he could control Astaroth, Prince of Hell?  Read more Section:  [...]
Populating Palmerston Island: One Man, Three Wives and A Desert Island Paradise
Palmerston Island is part of the Cook Islands in the South Pacific Ocean. This island is one of the six main islands located on a coral atoll and is the [...]
The Black Book – Source of Devils Magic that Wizards Wager Their Soul to Obtain
The Black Book is said to hold within its pages all the magical practices which are in opposition to the divine. The idea regarding the existence of such a [...]
Legendary Claddagh Rings: What are the True Origins of these Symbolic Irish Wedding Rings?
The Claddagh ring design of two hands holding a crowned heart is a recognizable symbol of Ireland and enduring love. It is hugely popular as a fashion [...]