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Did Ancient Aliens Impart Advanced Astronomical Knowledge to the Dogon Tribe?
Skeptics and proponents of the ancient aliens theory have faced off for decades on the issue of the Dogon tribe’s allegedly advanced astronomical [...]
A Literary Treasure: The Oldest Surviving English Poem – Beowulf and His Epic Battles
Perhaps the oldest surviving long poem in Old English, Beowulf is commonly seen as one of the most important works of Old English Literature. While the [...]
Early medieval tombstones unearthed in Armenia
Archaeologists have discovered early medieval tombstones with Mesropian writings in the excavation site of Aghdzk village, Aragatsotn province. The [...]
GIS — a powerful tool to be used with caution when assessing shoreline erosion
Although computer models of archaeological sites are ideal software tools for managing spatially referenced data and commonly used to yield insights which [...]
'Ethnic minority' tomb complex discovered in Central China's Henan
A tomb complex with ethnic minority features has been discovered at the Ruins of Yin in Anyang city, Central China’s Henan province. Archaeological [...]
Blood found on Revolutionary War shrapnel in New Jersey
Human blood was found on shrapnel discovered on a Revolutionary War battlefield in New Jersey. Members of the Battlefield Restoration and Archaeological [...]
Anthropologist finds evidence for shared governance in ancient Mexico
For much of his career, University of Kentucky Professor of Anthropology Christopher Pool has been fascinated by Mexico’s ancient Olmec culture, with [...]
7.2 million-Year-Old Pre-Human Fossil Suggests Mankind Arose in Europe NOT Africa
A new analysis of two 7.2 million-year-old fossils belonging to a hominin species nicknamed “El Graeco” from Mediterranean Europe, suggests that mankind [...]
Man Mound, Wisconsin: The Last Anthropomorphic Mound in North America
Man Mound (known also as the ‘Greenfield Man Mound’) is the name of a prehistoric earthwork located in the state of Wisconsin, USA. As its name suggests, [...]
The Enchanted Sex-Word of Scotland’s Secret Seduction Society
Seduction, the most noble art. History books across the planet reveal the carnal activities of an endless number of femme-fatals, causing nations to [...]