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Castles Align: Unearthing a Navigational Artifact of the Knights Hospitaller
What you are about to discover is essentially a lost crusader’s artifact left by the Knights Hospitaller. I found it hidden in the hills of Kos many years [...]
China's Most Powerful Rocket to Return to Flight in November
The return-to-flight mission will carry an experimental, 300 Gbps telecommunications satellite based on a new, large DFH-5 satellite platform. Future [...]
How Artists Turn Hubble's Space Discoveries into Gorgeous Stellar Images
Graphic designers reveal how they translate hard science collected by Hubble into some incredibly artistic designs, while keeping the science as accurate [...]
The Alien Planets of TRAPPIST-1 May Be Too Wet for Life
The seven rocky planets circling the nearby star TRAPPIST-1 have lots of water, a new study suggests — perhaps too much to make them good bets for [...]
Sex and the Roman Empire: Scandalous Literature about Empresses Euphemia and Theodora
Both Empress Euphemia and the succeeding empress Theodora transformed from sinners to Saints and although 5th to 6th century Roman society may have been [...]
Not Just at The End of Rainbows: 15th Century Pot of Gold Found in a Drain Pipe in the Netherlands
It wasn’t just an ordinary day at work for employees of a water company in the Netherlands, who earlier this month stumbled upon an earthenware cooking pot [...]
Wandering Rogue Moons May Be As Common As Stars
Rogue moons, torn from their planets and flung outward to drift through space, may be as common as stars in the universe, a new study finds. Source: space
The Ġgantija Temples of Gozo: A Mysterious Megalithic Complex of Maltese Giants and Dwarfs
The Ġgantija temples of the megalithic complex in Xaghra, Gozo, are one of the most important and mysterious archaeological sites in the world. Gozo is one [...]
How to Be A Chivalrous Knight in Shining Armor: Follow the Code!
The chivalry of a Medieval knight is indisputable, right? I mean, they had a Code of Chivalry and everything. But wait, not all knights were chivalrous, [...]
How to Invent a Tolkien-Style Language: Ancient Languages Inspire Modern Movies
The success of Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings and Hobbit trilogies brought the languages that JRR Tolkien invented for the Elves to the attention of a [...]