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Invisible Ink on Nile Papyrus Revealed by Groundbreaking Method
The first thing that catches an archaeologist’s eye on the small piece of papyrus from Elephantine Island on the Nile is the apparently blank patch.  [...]
Neanderthal tooth unearthed near Iran’s Zagros Mountain
A new find, published this week in Journal of Human Evolution, suggests that Neanderthals were roaming at the Iranian Zagros Mountain sometimes between [...]
Results of the 2019 excavations at ancient Cumae
This season’s excavations on the acropolis of Cumae (Greek Kumē) has been completed. The team of students from the Department of Letters and Cultural [...]
The Franks, Charlemagne, and the Forging of Europe
The earliest histories of many European nations are firmly rooted in the ancient periods of migrations – when all sorts of tribes traveled from their homes [...]
Roman Diploma Unearthed In Bulgaria Spells Out Warrior’s Freedom
A tiny, rare and unique piece of a Roman military diploma has been unearthed in the ancient Roman city of Deultum near the village of Debelt in Bulgaria. [...]
Sarcophagus From the Frankish Merovingian Era Found in France
In France a very significant early medieval tomb has been uncovered in a chance find from a key period in the history of France, under the Franks. Read [...]
Unearthing the Ancients: Discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamun
The ancient age of Egypt, the enigmatic pharaohs and the rich history of the Nile valley, are without a doubt one of the most exciting and wondrous aspects [...]
Keepers of the Sacred Flame from Ancient Rome to India
The ability to ignite, maintain and control fire was a dramatic and powerful development in the habits of early humans and changed mankind’s quality of [...]
The Odessa Catacombs: Lost in Eternal Darkness
Ukraine. A vast country that prides itself on a history rich with heroes and artists. A nation whose foundations stand on centuries of struggle and [...]
Mexico Wants to Run a Tourist Train Through its Maya Heartland — Should It?
President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has a dream for the Yucatan Peninsula. He wants to build a train that will leverage the tourism economy of Cancun by [...]