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The Perplexing Purpose of the Gigantic Pulemelei ‘Pyramid’ Mound of Samoa
One of the most important archaeological sites in Polynesia is the Pulemelei mound – the largest ancient monumental structure, not only in Samoa, but [...]
104,000-Year-Old Tooth of Mysterious Hominin Child Raises Questions About Human Evolution
A relative of modern humans that lived at least 104,000 years ago in northern China showed evidence of dental growth and development very similar to that [...]
The Anchorite Tradition of Voluntary Incarceration and Devotion to God
An anchorite or anchoret (anchoress being its female form) was person who chose to “live alone in prayer to worship God, unceasingly and without [...]
Roman Tombs Found in Egyptian Oasis Reflect Cultural Blending Evident in Burial Practices
If they stayed almost any length of time, the ancient Romans left a cultural mark on the place they visited, conquered, and/or had extensive trade with. [...]
Japan Launches Meteor-Spawning Minisatellite, 6 Other Spacecraft to Orbit
Japan launched seven spacecraft to Earth orbit today (Jan. 17), including a little satellite designed to create dazzling artificial meteor showers. [...]
Blood Moon 2019: Teach Your Kids About the Total Lunar Eclipse with These NASA Resources!
NASA published moon-observation worksheets to teach kids about the science of total lunar eclipses. Source: space
In Photos: China's Chang'e 4 Moon Rover Toys Celebrate Mission to Lunar Far Side
The China Lunar Exploration Program has given the Maisto Tech toy company exclusive rights to manufacture toy versions of the Chang’e-4 lunar rover, which [...]
Watch Ultima Thule Spin Like a Propeller in This Awesome New Horizons Flyby Video
The distant object Ultima Thule spins into view in a dramatic new video captured by NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft. Source: space
Fresh Rainfall on Saturn's Huge Moon Titan Spotted in NASA Photo
Here’s something you don’t see every day — the glint of freshly fallen rain on the surface of an alien world. Source: space
In Jordan, Neolithic Hunters Used Domesticated Dogs as Small Prey Hunting Companions
11,500 years ago in what is now northeast Jordan, people began to live alongside dogs and may also have used them for hunting, a new study from the [...]