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The Biblical Witch of Endor: Contacting the Spirit of a Prophet
The Witch of Endor is also known as the biblical Medium of Endor. According to legend, she was a medium who apparently summoned the Prophet Samuel’s [...]
16th season at pre-Minoan cemetery at Petras in Siteia concluded
Systematic excavations have continued for the 16th year at Petras in Siteia, the main gateway to Eastern Crete for exotic products and raw materials [...]
Repatriation of an inscribed pediment of a funerary stele to Cyprus
The Department of Antiquities, Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works, has announced that on Thursday 12th September 2019 an important antiquity [...]
Archaic stone head found in Paestum temple
A late-archaic stone head has been found in the Temple of Athena at the ancient Greek site of Paestum (Poseidonia) near Salerno, archaeologists said [...]
Unique grave of Roman-era warlord found in Czech Republic
A unique grave of a second century warlord has been found in the south-east Moravian town of Uhersky Brod. Aside from human remains, the grave’s contents [...]
Unveiling of 'Calpeia' – the face of a 7500-year-old Gibraltarian woman
A forensic reconstruction of the head of a Neolithic woman who lived in Gibraltar 7,500 years ago was unveiled by the Minister for Heritage Dr John Cortes [...]
Carving Believed to be Rare Depiction of Eleanor of Aquitaine Found in Abbey
A potentially historic discovery has been made in a medieval abbey in England. During a conservation project, the head of one of England’s [...]
Event Category:  Ancient Civilizations Event Date(s):  02/04/2020 – 10:15 to 04/04/2020 – 10:15 “Interpreting identities in the Eastern [...]
350 Year Old Code Found In Milton’s ‘Paradise Lost’
Has an undergraduate student discovered a secret message in John Milton’s epic poem Paradise Lost? Read more Section:  News General Read Later  [...]
Norse Settlers Wiped Out Icelandic Walrus 1100 Years Ago
An international collaboration of scientists in Iceland, Denmark, and the Netherlands has for the first time Read more Section:  News General Read Later  [...]