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Like a Virgin? The Controversial Account of Mary, Mother of Jesus
The Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus, is one of the key symbols of Christianity and a woman whose cult changed the world. However, she may be one of the most [...]
Experts Scramble to Study Ancient Fort Before It’s Lost to the Sea
Archaeologists working on the 2,500-year-old Dinas Dinlle hill fort on the Gwynedd coastline in Wales are racing a climate change clock to uncover the [...]
Himalayan Skeleton Lake Mystery Just Got Deeper
The mysterious circumstances surrounding events at a remote mountain lake, found full of human skeletons, are evading scientists who have looked deep into [...]
Surprise Discovery of 45,000-Year-Old Tools in Mongolia Indicates Early Human Migration
Stone tools uncovered in Mongolia by an international team of archaeologists indicate that modern humans traveled across the Eurasian steppe about 45,000 [...]
Christ in the Labyrinth, Pointing to a Sacred Pilgrimage of the Knights’ Templar
In 1996 during restoration work on a medieval cloister in the ancient city of Alatri, in the southern district of Lazio in Italy, a fresco was discovered [...]
8000-Year-Old Shipyard Located off English Coast is World’s Oldest
Marine archaeologists have published stunning images of what they think is an 8000-year-old shipyard located just off the coast of England.  Read more [...]
Gentle giraffes threatened with 'silent extinction'
For most of his life as a Samburu warrior, Lesaiton Lengoloni thought nothing of hunting giraffes, the graceful giants so common a feature of the Kenyan [...]
Cupid and Psyche: True Love Conquers All
The mythological tale of Cupid and Psyche is one of the few Greek and Roman myths that has not fully become assimilated into modern consciousness. Though [...]
Biomolecular analyses of Roopkund skeletons show Mediterranean migrants in Indian Himalaya
A large-scale study conducted by an international team of scientists has revealed that the mysterious skeletons of Roopkund Lake – once thought to [...]
Mesolithic boat building site discovered on seabed off Isle of Wight
The Maritime Archaeological Trust has discovered a new 8,000 year old structure next to what is believed to be the oldest boat building site in the world [...]