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Silence is Golden: Ancient Monks Couldn’t Even Find Peace and Quiet
In our contemporary world, noise pollution has reached dangerous levels. But even in what many reminisce as “quieter times” in the “more peaceful” past [...]
Medieval leather fragment decorated with dragon found in York
Engineers from Northern Powergrid have unearthed a highly decorated fragment of leather in York, thought to be from medieval times. Credit: Minster FMThe [...]
Organic carbon hides in sediments, keeping oxygen in atmosphere
A new study from researchers at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) and Harvard University may help settle a long-standing question–how [...]
South American monkeys face climate change extinction threat
Monkeys living in South America are highly vulnerable to climate change and face an “elevated risk of extinction”, according to a new [...]
British Museum Trustee favoured return of Parthenon Marbles to Greece in the 1940s
Kenneth Clark, a famous British art historian and Trustee of the British Museum, was in favour of the return of the Parthenon Marbles to Greece in the [...]
New finds from underwater research on Greek island of Salamis
For the third year running, underwater interdisciplinary research was conducted in June and July 2018 in the area of the Kynosoura peninsula and Ampelakia [...]
Burned Down Colonial Tavern that May Have Doubled as a Brothel Found in North Carolina
Archaeologists examining a recently discovered colonial tavern in eastern North Carolina were stunned to discover that when the 18th Century building [...]
Acoustic Levitation: Floating on a Wave of Sound
Experiments in sound or acoustic levitation are common and ongoing. Dozens of researchers have managed to use sound waves to levitate and move tiny [...]
Scholars Get Closer to Words of Buddha as They Unravel Oldest Buddhist Scrolls in the World
The oldest Buddhist scrolls ever discovered were made on birch bark and spent two millennia folded in clay pots, in a cave, situated along the northern [...]
Fort of Castillo San Cristóbal: Built to Defend Against the English, Dutch and Marauding Pirates
Puerto Rico is a unique island with stunning scenery as well as a complex history and fascinating culture. Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Read [...]