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Ancient DNA From West Africa Reveals ‘Ghost’ Lineage
Africa is the homeland of our species and harbors greater human genetic diversity than any other part of the planet. Studies of ancient DNA from African [...]
Finding Temazcaltitlán: Aztec ‘Sweat Lodge’ Holds Sacred Meaning in Mexico
The ruins of a 14th century Aztec ‘sweat lodge’, known as a temazcal, have been unearthed in Mexico City. It is located in the historic La Merced district [...]
Triple Copper Age burial discovered in Croatia
While excavating one of the trenches in the highest part of Kovači in 2019, we discovered a triple Copper Age (?) burial, possibly dating to the period of [...]
Roman coin found in northern Norway may redraw historic trade map
The Roman coin was found only 15 centimetres deep in the soil; it dates back to the time of Emperor Marcus Aurelius and is the northernmost find of its [...]
What Makes Spartan Women So Different From Other Ancients?
In Sparta, the individual did not matter. Everything was for the preservation and continuous strengthening of the state. They built no walls since they [...]
Mount Vesuvius blast turned ancient victim’s brain to glass
The eruption of Mount Vesuvius turned an incinerated victim’s brain material into glass, the first time scientists have verified the phenomenon from a [...]
Clays in Antarctica from millions of years ago reveal past climate changes
Members of the TASMANDRAKE research group of the Andalusian Earth Sciences Institute (IACT), which pertains to the University of Granada and CSIC, have [...]
Hiding From Mount Vesuvius Prolonged Victims' Deaths
A multi-disciplinary team has determined that death for some of the victims of Mount Vesuvius was far from instantaneous. Read more Section:  News History [...]
Fields of Mourning, Where Grieving Love-Sick Women Retire
Hidden deep within the bowels of the earth and ruled by the god Hades and his wife Persephone, the ancient Greek Underworld was the kingdom of the dead, [...]
Neolithic Hunter’s Ring Found to Be Made of Antler
Sometime about 5,700-years-ago a Neolithic hunter in what is now Denmark carefully crafted a finger ring, but the nature of the material used had baffled [...]