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Nine Ancient Human Figurines Discovered On Orkney? Or Not?
Archaeologists excavating a proposed electricity sub-station in Orkney have uncovered what they believe are unusual ancient stone carvings. Read more [...]
The Greek God Apollo and His Mystical Powers
Apollo was a Greek god, and one of the Twelve Olympians. He was one of the most important gods in the Greek pantheon, and was believed to have jurisdiction [...]
Lucy and the Monstrous Birds, Fanged Beasts and Ferocious Fish of the Pliocene Epoch
In the geologic timescale that extends from 5.33 million to 2.58 million years ago, by universal standards, the Pliocene epoch was relatively recent, and [...]
Another Bigfoot Quest, Another Shaky Video
A new documentary series on the Travel Channel sets out to find Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest. North America’s fabled apelike creature has been a [...]
Roman villa unearthed in southern England
A well preserved Roman villa has been rediscovered at the Dorset Wildlife Trust nature reserve, Nunnery Mead, near Frampton. Credit: Bournemouth [...]
Ancient site older than Gobeklitepe unearthed in Turkey
Turkish archaeologists have uncovered an ancient site that may likely be older than Göbeklitepe, known as the world’s oldest temple. Credit: Muhammed [...]
Iron Age shield found during Pocklington dig fully restored
A shield discovered during a housing development in Pocklington has been hailed as the ‘most significant Iron Age find this century.’ [...]
World's oldest silk fabrics discovered in central China
Chinese archaeologists have used new technology to ascertain the carbonized texture residue in an urn coffin buried in the Neolithic Yangshao Culture ruins [...]
Iron Age graves, artefacts found in Oman’s Musandam
A new and important archaeological discovery dating back to the Iron Age has been found by the Ministry of Heritage and Culture at an archaeological site [...]
Scans Reveal Archangel Michael Tattoo on Mummy's Thigh
In 2014, a team of scientists in London carried out high-tech scanning on eight Egyptian mummies from the British Museum, uncovering fascinating [...]