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Selkies, Sirens, Swan Maidens and Otherworldly Brides
A common motif in British folklore is that of an otherworldly female, who is somehow captured or charmed by a mortal man to be his bride.  Read more [...]
How Ancient Rome Dealt with the Barbarians at the Gate
A caravan of Goths – the Thervingi and the Greuthungi – were massing along the Danube river, at the border of the Roman Empire. Read more Section:  News [...]
Mount Athos – Garden of the Mother of God and Holiest of Holy Mountains to Some
Mount Athos, known also as the Holy Mountain, is a mountain located in Greece. The site is a semi-autonomous republic of Eastern Orthodox monks and is [...]
The Origins of the Bridal Veil and Its Protection From Evil Spirits
The bridal veil is one of the most recognizable elements of a traditional Western bridal ensemble. This bridal accessory is reckoned to have its origins in [...]
Study of Arctic fish reveals the birth of a gene – from 'junk'
Though separated by a world of ocean, and unrelated to each other, two fish groups – one in the Arctic, the other in the Antarctic – share a [...]
New dinosaur with heart-shaped tail provides evolutionary clues for African continent
A new dinosaur that wears its “heart” on its tail provides new clues to how ecosystems evolved on the African continent during the Cretaceous [...]
Tehran’s first fortification unearthed in Grand Bazaar
A number of ancient pieces from Safavid era, belonging to the first fortification of the Iranian capital, have been unearthed during an excavation in the [...]
Dog burial as common ritual in Neolithic populations of north-eastern Iberian Peninsula
Coinciding with the Pit Grave culture (4200-3600 years before our era), coming from Southern Europe, the Neolithic communities of the north-eastern Iberian [...]
First Neanderthal footprints found in Gibraltar
The prestigious international journal Quaternary Science Reviews has just published a paper which has involved the participation of Gibraltarian scientists [...]
The ‘Real’ St. Valentine Was No Patron of Love
On Feb. 14, sweethearts of all ages will exchange cards, flowers, candy, and more lavish gifts in the name of St. Valentine. But as a historian of [...]