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9,000 Year-old ‘Mega Site’ Found Near Jerusalem Changes History
The Israel Antiquities Authority has announced a discovery that could change the history of the Middle East. Read more Section:  News History & [...]
Amazing Anazarbus: Digs Uncover Gladiatorial Ring, Triumphal Arch, and More in Ancient Anatolian City
The long reach of the Roman Empire was felt in southern Turkey, where in the town of Anazarbus the Romans erected a triumphal arch after defeating a [...]
Scottish Prof Links Mysterious Pictish Symbols and Distant Gobekli Tepe Signs
The Picts were an ancient race of people who from at least the 1st century AD dominated the northern territories of what is known today as Scotland. Read [...]
The Boy King Behind the Mask: Tutankhamun’s Life and Legacy
The incredible golden mask with its dark blue stripes of lapis lazuli and serious young face is probably the most famous ancient artifact in the world. [...]
Dispute Over Evidence Of Cannabis Use By Vikings In North America
Cannabis pollen discovered near an ancient Viking settlement in Newfoundland is generating differences in opinion as to whether or not the Vikings were [...]
Out of Africa and into an archaic human melting pot
Genetic analysis has revealed that the ancestors of modern humans interbred with at least five different archaic human groups as they moved out of Africa [...]
Ancient Roman port history unveiled
Researchers successfully reconstructed anthropic influences on sedimentation, including dredging and canal gates use, in the ancient harbour of Portus [...]
2,000-year-old temple floor discovered at Malta's Tas-Silġ excavations
The floor of a temple dating back to prehistoric times was uncovered in ongoing excavation works at Tas-Silġ, the Culture Ministry said. Credit: Heritage [...]
Remains of Medieval wall unearthed in Czech Republic
Preparatory work for the reconstruction of Břeclav Castle has unearthed a rare archaeological find –the remains of a medieval wall from the beginning of [...]
Stonehenge may have been built using pig fat
Pig fat could have been used to grease the sledges used to transport the massive stones of Stonehenge into position, new analysis by archaeologists at [...]