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Dozens of Mummies and Skeletons Found in Canary Islands Cave Tomb
An 8th to 10th century grave containing 72 pre-Hispanic ‘Guanche’ natives has been discovered on Gran Canaria. In June last year an amateur [...]
Chichen Itza's Shadows: Unexpected Light Shed on Ancient Maya
What we see is not always what we expect, whether from nature or man-made. This is often true with archaeological remains of cities or human settlement, [...]
Skeletons in the Closet: Walls of Bones Discovered Beneath Cathedral
Walls constructed of human bones and skulls have been discovered beneath a Belgium cathedral. The nine walls composed of bones and shattered human skulls [...]
Lost Medieval Chapel Unearthed 370 Years After Destruction
The mysterious 14th century Bek’s Chapel that was lost at the beginning of the English Civil War has been rediscovered and excavated at Auckland Castle in [...]
Pre-Historic Island Hopping ‘Hobbits’ in the South Pacific
Although New Zealand and the Philippines are separated by more than 5,000 miles (8,000 km), the stories of how people first migrated to them, and how those [...]
Pindai Caves, Once Home to the Lapita People and Extinct Species
New Caledonia, in the South Pacific, is a special collectivity of France. Not only does it have a fascinating history and unique culture, the islands also [...]
Ball of the Burning Men: Temperatures Rose at Hot Royal Party
The world of medieval aristocracy was always plagued by extravagance, power, and eccentricity. Where there was an abundance of power and wealth, the great [...]
Brexit Reignites Greece’s Appeal to Return Stolen Parthenon Marbles
Greece’s continuing demands for the UK to return its famous Parthenon Marbles has been ignored by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, again. Read more [...]
Rare Roman Soldier’s Dagger Restored To Its Former Glory
In Germany, a remarkable Roman silver dagger has been unearthed by a young student. The find has been painstakingly restored and is once again in pristine [...]
First research results on the 'spectacular meteorite fall' of Flensburg
A fireball in the sky, accompanied by a bang, amazed hundreds of eyewitnesses in northern Germany in mid-September last year. The reason for the spectacle [...]