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Discovery at 'flower burial' site could unravel mystery of Neanderthal death rites
The first articulated Neanderthal skeleton to come out of the ground for over 20 years has been unearthed at one of the most important sites of mid-20th [...]
EU brings Greek demand for Elgin Marbles into Brexit talks
The European Union has opened up the prospect that Greece’s claim on the Elgin Marbles could become a bargaining chip in negotiations over its future [...]
Origin of life: A Darwinian machine for non-living objects
Life is usefully defined on the basis of process: Any set of entities that participates in the process of evolution by natural selection is alive. But how [...]
Black Death 'Plague Pit' discovered at 14th-century monastery hospital in Lincolnshire
A mass burial of bodies, known to be victims of the Black Death, has been discovered at the site of a 14th-century monastery hospital at Thornton Abbey, [...]
Ancient plant foods discovered in Arnhem Land, Australia
Australia’s first plant foods – eaten by early populations 65,000 years ago – have been discovered in Arnhem Land. A team of [...]
Image of God Found in Ancient Egyptian Coffin
Experts at Harvard University in the United States have made an astonishing discovery in a 3,000 year-old Egyptian coffin. They have found a painted image [...]
English Medieval Hospital Shows Horrors of Black Death
The Black Death was one of the greatest disasters in recorded history. New discoveries in a medieval hospital burial ground are revealing new insights into [...]
'Flower Burial' Indicates Neanderthals Had Death Rites
New Neanderthal remains have been uncovered at a famous Palaeolithic site in Iraq. They are from the Shanidar Cave site which is famous for providing [...]
Historic Plymouth Rock Defaced With Spray Paint
One of America’s most revered and important landmarks has been defaced by vandals. Plymouth Rock was spray-painted with graffiti by so far unknown [...]
Nadi Shastra: Ancient Leaves of Destiny
A fascinating and incredible mystery is linked to ancient India, a journey into the remote past of a land that still has to reveal to the whole of humanity [...]