Elaborately Painted Tomb for Nobleman and Amun Temple Guardian Uncovered in Luxor

June 12, 2018 - General
The Tomb of Amenhotep for the guardian to deity Amun has been discovered in Luxor.

A colorfully painted tomb dating to Egypt’s New Kingdom of the 18th Dynasty has been discovered in Luxor. Called the ‘Tomb of Amenhotep’, experts say it belonged to a nobleman and temple guardian for the Egyptian deity Amun. The highly decorated tomb walls reveal 3,000-year-old art.

Discovered by a team of American archaeologists in the city of Luxor, Egypt, the subterranean, T-shaped tomb’s plaster walls are brightly colored with paintings and hieroglyphics, reports International Business Times.  This ‘Tomb of Amenhotep’ is said to date between 1543 and 1292 B.C.

It is not thought to be the final resting place of a Pharaoh Amenhotep, but is instead a tomb for a nobleman called Rebiu (and also referred to as Amenhotep) who was “the door-keeper of god Amun,” notes Egypt’s Antiquities Ministry in a statement.

Brightly painted scenes cover the tomb walls.

Brightly painted scenes cover the tomb walls. Credit: Egypt Antiquities Ministry

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