The Prehistoric Triple Burial at Dolni Vestonice – New DNA Evidence Deepens the Mystery

December 8, 2018 - General
Artist’s representation of the triple burial of Dolni Vestonice

Three decades ago, in the Spring of 1986, archaeologists uncovered the extraordinary burial of three young individuals in a common grave. What they found presented an archaeological mystery – the first skeleton, a male, was buried with a hand over the ochre-stained pelvis of the second whose sex was more ambiguous. The third, male skeleton had been dumped into the grave, and was lying face down beside the others.  Archaeologists and anthropologist have been theorizing about the reason for the unusual burial since its discovery. As the middle skeleton has long been assumed to be female, arguments centered around a love triangle, or a fertility ritual gone wrong. Research conducted by Mittnik et al  in 2016 has now deepened the mystery as it turns out all three skeletons were male – and they were brothers.

Sitemap of Dolni Vestonice 1 and 2

Sitemap of Dolni Vestonice 1 and 2. (Sarahfennel / CC BY-SA 3.0)

Source: origins

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