How NOT to win friends for research sharing.

November 26, 2016 - Archaeology, Breakingnews, General
How NOT to win friends for research sharing.


Mr. Berry has since spoken with his producer who said;

A copyright protects the composition of an audio, written or visual work, However, it does not protect an idea. 30 million people can come up with the same idea on any given thing and they can’t sue each other because it can’t be copyrighted. If each work is saying something different and there is no similarity other than the same idea it can’t be protected. Plagiarism only works when one is taking another’s written work and passing it out as his own. If I can’t show that your work or anyone else’s work is exactly like what I have written then there is no plagiarism.

Mr. Berry has learnt something. We are both on good speaking terms and there is no problem between us. This is the lesson.. Get your facts straight first 🙂

That said, the original post remains as a lesson, and a reminder, to everyone. End of update.

Original post –

On the 25/11/16 I was forwarded a video that had some very good and interesting ideas and theories regarding ancient cave art having a much deeper meaning than we have previously believed. It included pieces of cave art from all over the world. I was thrilled to actually see several items that are along the same lines as my studies of the Chauvet cave art (some of my work here)

Turns out this video is part of a series called “The knowledge of the forever time” and written and created by Damon T. Berry

So, I did something that most people with a strong interest of this would do. I shared the video of my presentation of my find with Mr. Berry.

Oh, what a mistake!!

Via a chat message on facebook, we began a discussion. We did the usual “hello”, as you’d expect, but it was the next message that got me.

After only 30 minutes of Mr. Berry watching my video (which is over 2 hours long), I received a message from him that started out nice enough, until it got to the threats.

Threats of copyright infringement and plagiarism.

His standpoint appears to be that he is the only one who has ever thought of anything like this and any, or all, credits must go to him. Well, sorry to inform you Mr. Berry, but you’re out of luck!

you’re not alone!!

I am presenting here the full discussion for several reasons.

  1. How not to introduce yourself.
  2. How not to get tripped up by what you say or do.
  3. For posterity
  4. Cover my rear should anything be needed at a later date.
  5. Anything else I can’t currently think of.

I felt as though this guy was trying to shut me down so that his work would continue to be everyone’s main point of focus. Rather than actually try to work with someone, he’d prefer it if he had all the credit for everything before anything else ever happened.

With no further delay, here is our conversation.

Steve Meads

I believe that the info you provide regarding the cave art strengthens the info I have. But my info goes much further. It also confirms a lot of what you have presented. We are on the right track.
MUFON Australia presents Steve Meads and the Chauvet art theory.
Could there be a hidden code or message embedded into the 35,000 year old cave art of Chauvet? Is it possible that someone of a far higher intelligence than …
25/11/2016 21:15
Damon T. Berry, Filmmaker

Hey Steve thank you. Im watching it now
25/11/2016 21:16
Steve Meads

Hi, great to meet you. I’m sure you’ll see exactly what I point out 🙂

25/11/2016 21:42
Damon T. Berry, Filmmaker

Steve I am very happy yo see your interpretations in this area of study. However I am dismayed at the fact that you neglect to credit me as the first to see cave paintings as a technological, star and satellite depiction. I have spent many years of study to come to these conclusions which are the first made by modern man. I have seen the film which you are citing and I have done a record search before publishing my findings and no one has said these things before and I am the first. Your presentation must cite and credit my work or this is copyright infringement and plagiarism. If we are to work together in this field of study we must credit those who came before us.

25/11/2016 21:44
Steve Meads

I had never heard of you until today or your work.

25/11/2016 21:54
Damon T. Berry, Filmmaker

My work has been published for nearly 5 years. If you can show that you published your findings prior to that then I will apologize

25/11/2016 22:02
Damon T. Berry, Filmmaker

This is not meant to be aggressive in any way so please dont misunderstand me. It is academic etiquette and we acknowledge each others accomplishments.

25/11/2016 22:05
Steve Meads

Seems we may be in a similar time frame. As much as you say it’s not meant to be aggressive, it certainly came across as such. Immediate threats upon first contact. I am now cautious as to what I say and do.

25/11/2016 22:12
Damon T. Berry, Filmmaker

It happens to me a lot and we are constantly issuing cease and desist orders. This work is a breakthrough and it creates a number of intellectual property cases. Like I said this is not meant to be aggressive so please dont take it that way. In the academic world the first to publish any work becomes the reference point for any future work. Citation is a norm and not a point of aggression

25/11/2016 22:18
Steve Meads

so, out of curiosity for the moment, was it you that discovered that the dots on the bulls head were that of stars? If so, when? and can you provide a link to show that?

25/11/2016 22:30
Damon T. Berry, Filmmaker

Yes i have several videos produced on my youtube channel. And the written work is published in the library of congress


25/11/2016 22:36
Damon T. Berry, Filmmaker

This particular episode was produced based on the written work of the same name.

Steve Meads

What’s the title of your written work in the library of congress and, just to confirm, that it was you who discovered the stars on the bulls head. Reason i ask for clarity is that you simply answered ‘yes’ and then provided info and links to the youtube videos. Based on your reply, i can assume that it was you who discovered the stars on the bulls head.

Damon T. Berry, Filmmaker

The written work is called, “The Knowledge of The Forever Time, The Cave Painter’ The library of Congress houses all copyright information and you can look it up by title or by name, Damon T. Berry. If you need any other proof just google Damon T. Berry Cave Painters and there are several news articles dating back from 2013. I am the only individual on this planet who has published any studies making any association to star constellations, satellite photos and cave paintings. If you are truly one of good faith then you will acknowledge this as it is customary to credit or cite anyone who has published works in your field of study prior to your own. Copyright infringement is a crime and plagiarism is an even worse crime and both can seek monetary damages. Again if you can site one published article that you have that is before 2013 then we can do away with this contentious discussion, but if you can’t please be respectful to those who came before you and credit their work. .

Steve Meads

Well, that’s interesting then.. I hope you’ve given credit to this guy… article dated August 2000 and my work was first put online Dec 26 2012.

What spiked my mind was the way he said he had seen my film. When did he see it? From the timeline of our conversation he’s only had the chance to watch 30 minutes of it, so maybe he’d seen it before, so why didn’t he come chasing me if he was so concerned about copyright etc.? I believed that my work was completely original. It focuses on the Chauvet cave art and where it leads to in a way that nobody has seen before. I honestly and genuinely believe my work to be original in its main context and I have tried my best to supply links or credits as and where I believe I felt it necessary.

But, as you can see from the above chat, Mr. Berry made a claim where he was the only one to have made the discovery of the stars on the bulls head, so I politely provided a link from the BBC news site that proves he is wrong and that his claim may very well land him in a lot of trouble should he decide to continue down this route. By the way, it took me less than three minutes to find that BBC story but trying to find work in the library of congress that you’ve no idea was ever there or as to who even wrote it is nigh on impossible due to the vast amount of information currently available online. Heck, I could have used that BBC link as a supporting factor to my work (so should Mr. Berry) I would most certainly supplied it for giving me the start of a bigger story.

I have not yet checked for his paper in the library of congress, but the earliest bit of info regarding Mr. Berry and his work was from a video dated 2014. My work began on 21/12/12 and 5 days later I posted a sizable chunk of it online.

So, Mr. Berry, with all due respect, you do NOT threaten someone you’ve just met who came to you with good intentions.

I guess you’ll be working for me from now on..

Here ends the lesson…

2 thoughts on “How NOT to win friends for research sharing.

Peter Krysztofowicz

Eye of Sahara my concept since 2013!
Dona Klaus have this in his time line I proved that is ignition point and I believe in our secret group truth seekers as it is real who was able to understood my point of view is Steve Meads and his work lead to many answers that is his person and passion to connect us not Mr Berry.
For all respect to any of view Mr Berry it’s message to you:
Knowledge is responsibility for all
Knowledge is ripped off by people like you to decived Real direction for Human Kind. We don’t do that for profit any more. That challenge was developed at a begging of New age as profit able to individual only nowadays it’s prohibited.

Badger Bloomfield

a proffessor Clottes visited N.Z. to view some cave art – i approached the embassy for him to view my authenticated ancient carved stone artifacts and ancient petroglyphs he refused -instead he visited some cave drawings who the Ngai Tahu Maori tribe claimed as theirs – this is far from the truth – they are the the work of a much earlier unidentified culture the same culture as the artifacts i have discovered – i wish the truth would prevail … so that true history can be recognised …yours faithfully Badger Bloomfield NZ .


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