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New technique provides accurate dating of ancient skeletons
Interest in the origins of human populations and their migration routes has increased greatly in recent years. A critical aspect of tracing migration [...]
Ancient Native American remains reburied on California isle
The mystery behind the skull of an ancient man discovered in the eroding coastline of a remote Southern California island has been laid to rest along with [...]
Wow! This Fresh Meteoroid Impact on Mars Triggered a Dusty Avalanche
A small space rock crashed into Mars recently, and NASA has captured an amazing view of its crater grave site, as well as the trail from an avalanche [...]
The Pala Empire: An Indian Dynasty Ruled by Protectors of Buddhism
The Pala Empire was an empire that was centered on the area of Bengal and Bihar, in the north and northeastern parts of India. This empire was founded [...]
Dwarf Planet Ceres Has Way More Organic Molecules Than Originally Suspected
On the dwarf planet Ceres, organic molecules are more abundant than scientists originally suspected. Source: space
Gravity Assist Podcast: InSight, with Bruce Banerdt
NASA’s new Chief Scientist, Dr Jim Green, talks to Bruce Banerdt, who is the lead scientist on the latest mission to Mars: InSight. Source: space
The 4th Flavor? Scientists Close in on a New Kind of Neutrino
The history behind the discovery is a fascinating tale with twist and turns that would make Agatha Christie’s head spin. Source: space
This Supercomputer Can Calculate in 1 Second What Would Take You 6 Billion Years
It’s the fastest, and smartest, supercomputer. Source: space
Asteroid Defense: Scanning the Sky for Threats From Space
NASA and other organizations do regular scans of the sky to catalog any small bodies that are at risk of crashing into our planet. Source: space
CubeSats: Tiny Payloads, Huge Benefits for Space Research
CubeSats are miniature satellites that are commonly used in low Earth orbit for applications such as remote sensing or communications. Source: space