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Restoration work gets under way on Parthenon pediment
Restoration work on the western pediment of the Parthenon temple began Thursday as part of the ongoing project to restore and reconstruct monuments on the [...]
Inca ceramic fragments found in Machu Picchu
Inca ceramic fragments —allegedly burned following an offering to Mother Earth— were discovered 30 centimeters underground at Machu Picchu’s Mirrors [...]
Rome metro excavations unearth 3rd century 'Pompeii-like scene'
Digging for Rome’s new subway has unearthed the charred ruins of an early 3rd-century building and the 1,800-year-old skeleton of a crouching dog [...]
Bronze Age cairn complex discovered around Anglesey's Bryn Celli Ddu
A series of Late Neolithic to Early Bronze Age cairns have been discovered along a ridge behind Bryn Celli Ddu by archaeologists including Dr Ben Edwards [...]
Farewell, ROSA! Space Station Lets Go of Roll-Out Solar Array After Retraction Fail (Video)
After a week of tests at the end of the International Space Station’s robotic arm, the Roll-Out Solar Array (ROSA) was safely jettisoned. [...]
OMG Mission: Greenland's Ice Melting Faster Than Previously Thought (Video)
Thanks to rising temperatures, glaciers in Greenland are melting faster than scientists previously thought — and a new NASA video shows how researchers are [...]
Rare Song Dynasty brick carvings found in Hunan
Archaeologists in Guiyang county of Hunan province have found a batch of rarely seen brick carvings from the Song Dynasty (960-1279). The bricks from local [...]
Could Plastic Bottles Made by Ancient Americans be the Cause of their Health Decline?
According to Wired, scientists believe that ancient Native Americans living in California made their own plastic water bottles. However, they probably [...]
6 of the Best Places to See the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017
Here are six suggestions for where to see the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21, whether you’re a science lover, wine connoisseur or music fan. [...]
When – and Why – Did People First Start Using Money?
Sometimes you run across a grimy, tattered dollar bill that seems like it’s been around since the beginning of time. Assuredly it hasn’t, but the history [...]