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NASA Lunar Orbiter Now Supporting Commercial and International Missions
A NASA spacecraft originally built as part of the previous effort to return humans to the moon is now playing a key role in the new effort at human lunar [...]
Virgin Galactic's Richard Branson Looks Ahead to Beginning Commercial SpaceShipTwo Flights
With a first flight to the edge of space under the company’s belt, Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson believes commercial flights of [...]
Meet OWL and HIBOU! Japan's Asteroid Hoppers Get New Names
Japan’s pioneering Hayabusa2 asteroid hoppers have gotten new names. Source: space
The Rubber Ducky Comet Blasted a Magnetic Path Through Space
Rosetta’s comet sent a magnetic shock wave screaming out in front of it, blazing a trail through the stellar wind. And scientists just found [...]
Beards, Business and a History of Facial Hair in the Workplace
Recording the human face in art is a long-held tradition, from the Roman Bust to the 15th century Dutch painting. The portrait signals power, prestige and [...]
Medmenham Abbey: When the Monks Left Debauchery and the Hellfire Club Moved In
Medmenham is a village and civil parish located in Wycombe, a district in Buckinghamshire, England. The parish is best-known for its abbey, which was [...]
Cover Up: Very Early Human Presence in Malta Has Been Intentionally Hidden
Owing to fluctuations in the earth’s temperatures, the sea levels all over the world rose and fell in more or less regular intervals during the Pleistocene [...]
Earliest discovery of clove and pepper from ancient south Asia
Sri Lanka has been at the centre of the spice trade for millennia and is today one of the biggest suppliers of clove to Europe, where it has become [...]
18th Dynasty shaft tomb discovered in Gebel el-Silsila
The Swedish-Egyptian mission at Gebel el-Silsila, Aswan Region, led by Dr. Maria Nilsson and John Ward (Lund University), under the supervision of the [...]
Roman-era mosaic left underneath dumpster in Turkey
A Roman-era mosaic has been sitting under a dumpster since its discovery two years in the northwestern Turkish province of Bursa’s İznik (Greek Nikaia) [...]