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Debris-Dodging Spacecraft Could Use Bitcoin-Like Technology
Future spacecraft could think for themselves using the same technology that powers Bitcoin. Source: space
FCC Issues Warning in Wake of Swarm's Unauthorized Launch
The U.S. Federal Communications Commission on April 12 released an enforcement advisory warning that organizations will be penalized for launching [...]
This Gorgeous Video Helps Explain Why NASA Is Studying Cosmic Shock Waves
Like a ship cruising the seas or a fighter jet going supersonic, astronomic objects also make shock waves through the medium in which they travel. [...]
The Masebe Mountains in Africa Speak Their Ancient Names
Africa is a continent where its people are in spiritual communication with the soul of the land, as typically illustrated in the Masebe Nature Reserve in [...]
Can the Babylonian Calendar Help Explain the Ages of Patriarchs Recounted in the Book of Genesis? – Part 1
The ages of Adam and his descendants in the Book of Genesis appear incredulous when compared to the average lifespan of Man throughout history. Though [...]
Commerce Department Ready to Add Space Traffic Management to Growing Space Role
Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross says his department is gearing up to add space traffic management to its growing portfolio of commercial space [...]
Why Expressive Brows Might Have Mattered in Human Evolution
Highly mobile eyebrows that can be used to express a wide range of subtle emotions may have played a crucial role in human survival, new research from the [...]
Bluetooth Treasure: Metal Detector Dings on Silver of the Danish King in Germany
Over one thousand years ago, Danish King Harald Bluetooth had to flee his homeland. He would have taken whatever treasured possessions he could as he [...]
Dalai Lama Publicly Denounces Ancient Indian Caste System
The Dalai Lama has spoken out about the discriminating caste system in India, which can be traced back around 2,000 years and is still practiced in some [...]
Environmental Group Plans Satellite to Track Greenhouse Gas Emissions
An environmental group announced plans April 11 to develop and operate its own satellite to track one particular greenhouse gas, the latest sign of the [...]