Adolf Frederick: The Swedish King Who Ate Himself to Death

March 9, 2019 - General
Portrait of Adolf Frederick of Sweden

Adolf Frederick was a Swedish king who lived during the 18th century. Although Adolf Frederick ruled Sweden for almost 20 years, it was unremarkable and nothing of great note took place during his long reign. Instead, Adolf Frederick’s (dubious) claim to fame lies in the manner of his death. The Swedish monarch is often nicknamed ‘the king who ate himself to death’, as he is reported to have died after overeating.

Adolf Frederick’s Early Life

Adolf Frederick was born on the 14th of May 1710, in Gottorp, Schleswig, Germany. His father was Christian Augustus of Holstein-Gottorp-Eutin, who belonged to the House of Holstein-Gottorp, while his mother was Albertina Frederica of Baden-Durlach. As a younger son, Christian Augustus did not inherit the Duchy of Holstein-Gottorp, which went to his older brother, Frederick IV. Christian Augustus was given the fiefdom of Eutin, as well as the Prince-Bishopric of Lübeck.

Christian August of Holstein-Gottorp, Prince of Eutin

Christian August of Holstein-Gottorp, Prince of Eutin. (Der Bischof mit der E-Gitarre / Public Domain)

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