Almendres Cromlech: Rare Twin Megalithic Stone Circles of Portugal

November 6, 2019 - General
Almendres Cromlech megalithic site, Portugal.

Located on the slopes of the Monte dos Almendres in Portugal is the ancient megalithic site of Almendres Cromlech, also popularly known as the ‘hill of the stone amphorae.’ The stunningly well-preserved site is the most important megalithic arrangement in Portugal and is also believed to be one of the oldest stone circles in Europe.

Almendres Cromlech, known locally as Cromeleque Dos Almendres, is located close to the city of Évora in the Alentejo region of Portugal. Despite being just a short distance from Évora, transport to the site is difficult, making it an unpopular destination for tourists. Consequently, this special site remains free and open at all times. No fences or ropes keep visitors back, and it is possible to freely wander around the site and even touch the stones, a rare experience for such a historically important place.

Almendres Cromlech, Portugal. (Armando Frazão /

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