Amazing Anazarbus: Digs Uncover Gladiatorial Ring, Triumphal Arch, and More in Ancient Anatolian City

July 17, 2019 - General
Ruins of Anavarza (Anazarbus), Adana, Turkey.

The long reach of the Roman Empire was felt in southern Turkey, where in the town of Anazarbus the Romans erected a triumphal arch after defeating a Parthian force in the first century BC. And archaeological excavations show that a well-preserved theater was the backdrop where gladiators once fought wild beasts.

Recent Finds at Anazarbus

Excavations at the ancient city, whose name means “invincible” or “unvanquished” in Persian, have been under way since 2013. The most recent discovery is the arena or gladiators’ ring, which archaeologists are still trying to unearth.

The oval-shaped theater measures 62 by 83 meters (203.4 by 272.3 ft.) and Çukurova University Archaeology Professor Fatih Gülşen says the archaeological team is currently examining a stone throne they discovered during the dig. There are some inscriptions on the throne that have yet to be deciphered as well.

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