An Outstanding Narcissus Painting is Found in Pompeii… Would it Have Pleased Him?

February 16, 2019 - General
The brightly colored Narcissus painting recently recovered in Pompeii.

In mythology, Narcissus became so enraptured with his own handsome appearance the thought of never obtaining the beauty he saw reflected back at him led to his demise. His self-love story has inspired writers, musicians, poets and artists for at least 2000 years. It is no wonder the recent discovery of a Narcissus painting in the ruins of a Pompeii villa have excited archaeologists too.

Pompeii is famous for its ruins which were preserved by a lava flow in 79 AD. Among the treasures that were conserved are many remarkable mosaics and wall paintings. It could even be said that some of the best surviving examples of Roman art can be found in the buried city. And a recent find demonstrates that there are still more fantastic features hidden in the ruins. The Archaeological Park of Pompeii has announced an amazing discovery of a fresco of Narcissus. This is a masterpiece of Roman art and allows us to better understand the culture of Pompeii and Rome in the first century AD.

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