Ancient Cataclysms: 9 Catastrophes That Rocked the World

May 16, 2019 - General
 Large asteroid hitting Earth

Ancient cultures around the world have passed down their tales of devastating natural disasters in oral traditions, folklore, historical accounts, pictorial representations, and through myths. Catastrophic natural phenomena like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and floods are obviously nothing new, but the ways people have interpreted these events have changed drastically over time.

Read on to find out more about some of the cataclysms our ancestors faced and how they dealt with natural disasters.

A Global Climatic Cataclysm of the 6th Century

Observations of comet C/1532 R1 seen in October and November 1532. (Public Domain)

Between the years 535 and 536, a series of major global climatic events took place that could easily be described as a global cataclysm with catastrophic consequences. Numerous accounts from all over the world from that period describe the sun as getting dimmer and losing its light. Many also described it as having a bluish color.

Source: origins

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