Ancient Hauntings in the Hills

January 7, 2020 - General
There are many legends of ancient hauntings at prehistoric burial mounds.

It was a worldwide phenomenon during Prehistoric times for people to bury their dead under mounds (which are also known as tumuli). The dead were buried along with their worldly possessions and their spirits were revered as sacred ancestors who granted protection. However, it was believed that they could also take revenge on those who dared disturb their eternal rest – such as grave robbers or even modern archaeologists.

Stone Age Burial Mounds to Honor the Dead

During the Stone Age, people had a multitude of rituals. For example, weather was considered incredibly important for the crops – a bad crop could have meant starvation. Therefore, people believed they could use different rituals to influence the weather in order to bring rain, or to make it stop, if necessary.

The people from the Stone Age also venerated their ancestors, so they had to make sure that their dead were at peace. If they looked after the spirits of the dead, then they believed that the dead would look after the living. The spirit had to be released so that it would not remain trapped inside of the body and it was believed that the spirit could leave the body only once all flesh had disappeared from the bones. At times, when the dead were not pleased with their funeral rites, it was believed that they could return to haunt the living.


Source: origins

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