Anti-Gravity Research May Pave the Way for Warp Speed Travel

July 31, 2019 - General
Warp speed travel

Researchers at CERN (the European Organisation for Nuclear Research) are looking for experimental confirmation to establish the existence of antigravity. The secrets of antigravity may be unlocked, they believe, by an in-depth study and exploration of the properties of anti-matter and this could he unleash the concept of the ‘warp drive’ from Star Trek scripts and release it into the real world.

An Antimatter Primer

As the mirror version of regular matter, anti-matter particles carry the opposite charge of their counterparts. So while the electron and proton that determine atomic structure feature negative and positive charges respectively, the charges of a positron (the antimatter version of an electron) and antiproton (the antimatter version of a proton) are the reverse. Consequently, when matching particles of matter and antimatter meet, the result is mutual annihilation, with both particles being converted to pure energy.

But there may be more differences between matter and antimatter than having opposite electrical charges. Their reaction to the influence of gravity may also be the opposite, although this has yet to be experimentally confirmed. If this does turn out to be the case, it means that if antimatter were exposed to a gravitational field it might move away from instead of toward the body creating that field. If it exists, this contrary movement would be a demonstration of antigravity in action.

Based on the standard model of physics, most scientists expect antimatter and matter to react identically to gravity. But they are raising the question anyway, mainly because of how little antimatter has actually been studied up to now. Until there are experimental results, nothing can be known for sure.


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