Cartouche Reveals Unearthed Egyptian Palace Belonged to Ramesses The Great

March 30, 2019 - General
Cartouche found at the palace of Ramesses II

An amazing discovery has been made at the ancient site of Abydos in Egypt. American experts believe that they have uncovered a Royal place that was once home to one of the greatest of all the Pharaohs, Ramesses II. There are hopes that the discovery of the palace will greatly add to our knowledge of the ancient city and also the reign of one of Egypt’s greatest rulers in the New Kingdom era (c1560-1060 BC).

Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities announced that the palace was discovered by a team of American archaeologists. They are from the University of New York and have been researching Abydos for some time. 

Abydos is one of the most ancient cities in Ancient Egypt and is 300 miles (550 km) south of Cairo to the west of the Nile and was an important cult center, especially for the worship of Osiris.  A great temple was built here and many Pharaohs from the earliest periods were interred in a nearby necropolis.

The newly-discovered palace ruins belonging to Ramesses the Great

The newly-discovered palace ruins belonging to Ramesses the Great. Credit: Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities

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