500,000-Year-Old Horse Bone Tools Discovered in England
Every doctor, physician and nutritionist who has ever donned a white coat would agree that, to a great extent, we humans really are what we eat. But over [...]
Men from the Land of Amber: The Shocking History of the Fierce Curonians
The modern Baltic nations of Latvia and Lithuania owe a lot to their fierce and rich history. The fearsome tribes of Balts – close cousins to the [...]
A Fascinating Roman Industrial Complex Has Been Excavated In England
The remains of a Roman period industrial complex has been uncovered by archaeologists in England, and includes kilns for making lime, mortar and pottery, [...]
Fingal’s Cave: Legends and Inspiration Near the Scottish Sea
Fingal’s Cave is a natural feature located on the island of Staffa, in the Inner Hebrides, Scotland. During the 18th century, Staffa was inhabited by 16 [...]
The Jester of God and Murderous Heretic of 14th-Century Italy
“Penitenzàgite! (Do penance)”, shouted Gherardo Segarelli, a young and eccentric peasant, with flaming, hallucinated eyes and a long beard, as [...]
Medieval Sword Found Preserved in Polish Lake is Over 1000 Years Old!
Polish archaeologists have found a rare medieval sword and other artifacts from the period at the bottom of a lake in Poland. This important artifact has [...]
Council Closes Market By Invoking 800-Year-Old King’s Charter
English law is riddled with ancient entries and charters pertaining to past worlds; and from time to time they emerge and catch out the unsuspecting.  Read [...]
Botallack Mine, Clinging to the Cliffs of the Wild Tin Coast
Cornwall, in south-west England, has a distinctive regional character. Much of the landscape was transformed in the 18th and early 19th centuries as a [...]
Culturally Misunderstood: The Struggles and Advances of Early American Women
The seventeenth and eighteenth centuries saw a series of transitions in life in America, as many, particularly women, strove to find their identities in [...]
Detectorist Finds Bronze Age Treasure Cache With Sword In Scotland
In fiction, treasure hunters cut through dense jungles, dive down to dangerous shipwrecks, and search the Holy Land looking for buried artifacts with high [...]