Viking sword found in grave in central Norway
During the Viking Age—probably sometime in the 800s-900s—a man died in the village we call Vinjeøra today, south of Trøndelag county. He was buried with a [...]
How cold was the ice age? Researchers now know
A University of Arizona-led team has nailed down the temperature of the last ice age – the Last Glacial Maximum of 20,000 years ago – to about [...]
Ancient mammoth ivory carving technology reconstructed by archaeologists
A team of archaeologists from Siberian Federal University and Novosibirsk State University provided a detailed reconstruction of a technology that was used [...]
A Pilgrimage of Thought: The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri
The most widely read work of Florentine politician and writer Dante Alighieri, the Divine Comedy dictates a tale of the three realms of the afterlife as [...]
Big mammals at higher risk of extinction in world's poorest countries, study reveals
Big mammals such as elephants, rhinos and primates are at highest risk of extinction in the national parks and nature reserves of the world’s poorest [...]
South-Pawed Viking's Sword Discovered In 1000-Year-Old Burial Mound
Norwegian archaeologists have discovered a 1000-year-old grave containing a rare Viking sword next to the body of what must have been an equally rare [...]
Perfect Battle Axes From Battle of Grunwald Found in Poland
A group of Polish detectorists have uncovered an exciting collection of artifacts on the historic site of the Battle of Grunwald which took place in 1410. [...]
Bronze Age Death Rituals Included Curating Remains Of Predecessors
No two people deal with death in exactly the same way. Both on the individual and societal level we have to face the inevitable. These days many people [...]
Fire Fighters Battle With Wildfire At Ancient Mycenae In Greece
A wildfire at Mycenae has caused a major archaeological panic in Greece. Greek fire fighters equipped with nine fire engines, two planes and a helicopter [...]
Chronicling British and Irish Faerie Folklore From The Middle Ages To Modern Day
Faerie-type entities have always been an important component of British and Irish folklore. In the Aarne-Thompson-Uther Motif Index of Folk [...]