Cave Filled with Hundreds of Witches’ Marks Suggests People Used Magic to Counter Disease, Death, and Other Evils

February 17, 2019 - General
A wizard in a cave

Originally written off as graffiti, experts have now declared that the hundreds of markings of squares, letters, mazes, and lines in an English cave system are actually witches’ marks – apotropaic marks that were used as a sort of protective ‘magic’ to ward off evil or bad luck. And it seems these worries were still rampant in the East Midlands, central England less than 200 years ago.

The witches’ marks, or witches’ marks, were not a hidden feature in the Creswell Crags, a well-known archaeological site in the East Midlands. As Heritage facilitator John Charlesworth, the acting tour leader when the discovery was made this past October, stated: “These witches’ marks were in plain sight all the time.” They were just disregarded as modern tourist graffiti until some experts decided it was time to take a better look at the variety of signs covering the walls.

Source: origins

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