Chieftain and Seated Companion Illustrate Complex Prehistoric Burial Rituals

April 24, 2020 - General
Prehistoric burial mound.     Source: Historic England

An elite prehistoric chieftain and possibly his older shaman have been discovered beside a sacred mound in southwest England’s most important prehistoric ritual center. 

During a new archaeological excavation near Lechlade, in Gloucestershire, southwest England, the body of a probable “Beaker People” chieftain has been discovered by a team of scientists working with Foundations Archaeology. Located only 150 meters (493 foot) west of the kilometer (3280 foot) long Cursus” monument, the burial is situated in one of southwest Britains most important Neolithic ceremonial complexes that leads down to or towards the River Thames, with another major Neolithic ritual monument measuring 500 meters (1640 foot) long leading to the River Cole.

Source: origins

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