Christian Church Ruins Unearthed in Alexandria May Be Oldest Ever Found in Egypt

May 28, 2019 - General
Christian church ruins discovered in ancient port of Marea, near Alexandria

An excavation in Egypt has unearthed some ruins that they say is one of the oldest Christian churches ever found in the country. The experts were working on a ruined basilica when they found the remains of an even older church. This find could even be the oldest known Church in Egypt and is likely to offer new insights into the growth of early Christianity in Egypt and elsewhere in the Mediterranean.

The exciting discovery was made by a Polish team of archaeologists and researchers, led by Dr. Krzysztof Babraj, from Kraków’s Museum of Archaeology. 

They were working at the site of the ruined Christian basilica in the ancient port of Marea, near the city of Alexandria, according to First News.

The Polish team has been working there since 2000 and have helped to conserve the vast Christian Church found there. They have previously unearthed a burial chapel at the location, which has one of the largest finds of ceramic fragments yet found in Egypt.

Ancient Port on the Nile

Marea was a busy port-town on Lake Maeortis, now known as Lake Mariout. The ruins surrounding the lake feature in Assassin’s Creed Origins in realistic detail, as shown in the video below.

Source: origins

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