Coded Jewel Found in 300-Year-Old US Tavern Has Secret Message to Overthrow British King

July 12, 2019 - General
The glass jewel with the encoded message

Brunswick Town, in North Carolina, was once ‘a hotbed of anti-crown sentiment’ where rebellions were plotted and planned. Now archaeologists have made an amazing discovery in a once razed tavern that dates from the pre-Revolutionary period in the United States which proves support for the rebellion. They unearthed a pressed jewel, from a cufflink, inscribed with a secret code used by early revolutionaries to identify each other as they conspired to oppose Royal rule.

The Smithsonian reports that the find was made in Brunswick Town, in North Carolina, which was once ‘a hotbed of anti-crown sentiment’. In the years after the Stamp Act, many of the townspeople were radicals and opposed to the policies of the Royal government.

The jewel was unearthed in the ruins of an old tavern, which once faced the Cape Fear River. It was probably built in the 1730s but was engulfed by fire in the 1760s, based on coin finds. This was a decade before the town itself was burned down by British Redcoats, during the Revolutionary War.

Source: origins

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