Competing for The Title of the Oldest House in England – Luddesdown Court and Saltford Manor

March 30, 2019 - General
Saltford Manor and Luddesdown Court. Which is the oldest house in England?

England is known for the huge number of surviving buildings from hundreds of years ago. From Roman lighthouses to Tudor palaces, there are hundreds of buildings which offer a glimpse into the fascinating history of the country. But where is the oldest house in England?

Two buildings of particular interest are Saltford Manor House and Luddesdown Court. Both of these buildings claim to be the oldest surviving houses in England and to determine which one really does deserve the title a number of factors should be examined.

Saltford Manor House

Saltford Manor House is located in the sleepy English village of Saltford, near Bath in Somerset. Although there is no surviving record of when the house was built, architectural historians have noted specific features of the building which place it to around 1150, and specifically 1148 due to a number of features which are also present in Hereford Cathedral, which was completed in 1148.

Source: origins

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