Could Humans Become Immortal by 2045?

July 30, 2019 - General
Immortal man

Immortality has been a dream of human beings since the dawn of time. Mankind´s fascination with cheating death is reflected in scientific records, mythology and folklore dating back at least to ancient Egypt.

Some have sought the secrets of immortality in the mythical Fountain of Youth. Others searched for answers by exploring the magical principles of alchemy. Many people have placed great hope in the promises of religion and spirituality, hoping to avoid the finality of death through an ascent into an eternal realm.

In the 21st century, science has become the new religion for many, and that includes people obsessed with immortality. Now, proposed solutions to the problem of death usually center on advanced technology and artificial intelligence, and the belief that consciousness can somehow be “downloaded” into a computer or other digital storage device.

Scientific research in these areas continues, and no definitive answers to the problem have been identified. But one Russian billionaire is so convinced immortality is inevitable that he´s created and funded his own organisation to make it a reality.

This billionaire´s name is Dmitry Itskov, and his organisation is called the 2045 Initiative.

Will we be able to one day download consciousness into an artificial intelligence? Credit: serpeblu / Adobe Stock


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