Deeper into the art

As we get deeper into the art we begin to find a lot of other items that do not seem to make sense until you have matched them to other parts of the art or found their external link. These links are actually encoded into the art as well, so you really have to get your brain working to spot them
Some of these images that lead you across the art are simple red dots, as though they are footsteps left in the sand. This can be understood fully once you’ve seen them on the lion that is a map and found the locations that they lead you to.
But to confirm what you are seeing is what you think it is, you also need to find the extra image that is the ‘back up marker’ in the art work.
For example, this image below was one of the first i saw and the first that I put aside as me “seeing what I wanted to see”..

Horus Leveled shrunk

There are actually two images in this. the first is obviously the black markings. The other image is of a face.
There is an idea that ‘eye of Ra’ is actually pointing at the pineal gland, in other words, they knew a heck of a lot about human anatomy. But, like I mentioned, this image ends up elsewhere..
In this set we see the eye of Ra, the ‘eye’ from the cave art and a crater which appears to hold a very similar shape to both and may have had some form of markings created in the terrain in order to complete the image.

eye of Ra

I’ll let you work out the exact details that match these images together, but for me, it’s a done deal.
There is one piece of art in the cave that really got me going and was the image that made me stop and think about everything I was looking at. This image is a picture of a hippo with his mouth open, teeth showing and tongue sticking out. Previously the only connection I could find to this in ancient Egypt was from the ceiling in the tomb of Set I.
I had made that link by accident whilst searching for something related to everything else. It was not until later that I discovered that the hippo was a very important symbol for the Egyptians and, of course, the image is littered throughout Egypt as you can see in this set.

hippo match set

Almost 30,000 years between them.. !!!!
But it does not end there.. there are many more of these links and odd images that should not be there!
This art is so beyond its time that we have to ask “is it us that are behind the times?!”