Did Blackbeard’s Pirate Legacy End With ‘Leaks' Rather Than Mistakes?

July 17, 2020 - General
Was the Queen Anne’s Revenge deliberately beached by Blackbeard

Sitting on a throne during the Golden Age of Pirates, Blackbeard, or Edward Teach (1680-1718), was an English pirate who famously terrorized the West Indies and the eastern coast of Britain’s North American colonies. However, this oceanic-criminal’s legacy came to an end after he ran aground off the North Carolina coast. The circumstances surrounding Blackbeard’s demise have always been misty, but an archaeologist has found new evidence of leaks in the ship’s hull which suggests the pirate may have run the ship aground deliberately.

The only contemporary image of Blackbeard

The only contemporary image of Blackbeard, from Captain Charles Johnson’s “A General History of the Pyrates”, engraved by Benjamin Cole. (Public domain)

Source: origins

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