Enchanting Hidden 'Sphinx' Chamber Discovered At Nero’s Golden Palace

May 10, 2019 - General
Underground  chamber at Nero’s Palace dubbed ‘Sphinx Room’

Rome continues to be a rich source of archaeological discoveries. Archaeologists have just announced the discovery of a spectacular underground chamber that was once part of the Domus Aurea palace built by the notorious Emperor Nero. The 2000 year-old room is expected to help experts to better understand the Domus Aurea that once dominated the heart of the city when it was at the zenith of its power, as well as the art of the period.

Restoration project uncovers room by chance after 2000 years

The find was made by Italian archaeologists who were working at the Colosseum archaeological park. This is a heritage park in the heart of the ancient city that contains some of the most famous Roman remains such as the Colosseum, the site of gladiatorial games. There is also the Arch of Constantine and the Forum, at the site.

The experts were working on a restoration project chanced upon the chamber when they spotted an opening in the wall. To their amazement, they had stumbled upon a 15 feet (5 m) high underground chamber. The long-forgotten room, which was built in a barrel vault design with an arched roof, was once connected to the massive Domus Aurea.

The underground chamber has an arched roof and is highly decorated

Source: origins

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