Golden Varna Plate Linked To Daring Sea Voyage Between Black Sea and Egypt 7,000 Years Ago

August 10, 2019 - General
The Abora IV, based on the ancient Egyptian reed boat

There’s an odd-looking design on an ancient ceramic vessel that was found in Varna, Bulgaria that one expert believes is linked to another kind of vessel – a woven, seafaring kind.

Many years ago, Todor Uzunov, of the Academy of Fine Arts, Sofia, went to the Varna Museum. While there, he found an intriguing artifact, which he describes in an interview to

There was a large, beautiful ceramic dish under the window, which was decorated with gold and depicted something like a ship in four reproductions. Of course, man is above all a distrustful creature and does not run like Archimedes with exclamations – “Eureka”, especially one who is well aware that such a thing requires some evidence.

Uzunov set out to find that evidence by scouring the representations of water and sea vessels in the ancient world. His years of research have provided him with some rather similar designs to the depiction on the golden plate of Varna. And now he’s found that his theory of ancient Bulgarian seafarers navigating reed boats may soon be supported by a daring example of experimental archaeology.

Source: origins

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