Grimoires by a Biblical King? The Magical Treatise of Solomon and the Key of Solomon

August 9, 2019 - General
Was King Solomon really the author of the Key of Solomon?

The ‘Magical Treatise of Solomon’ and the ‘Key of Solomon’ are two grimoires (magic handbooks) commonly said to have been written by the biblical King Solomon. The latter grimoire has been described as “The most enduring, influential, and notorious Solomonic book,” and much has been written on it.

English translations of  ‘Key of Solomon’ can be found easily. By contrast, the ‘Magical Treatise of Solomon’ is not as well-known and much less has been written about it. Nevertheless, this grimoire is regarded as the precursor to the ‘Key of Solomon.’

‘Dream of Solomon’ (circa 1694-1695) by Luca Giordano. (Public Domain)

Little Key of the Whole Art of Hygromancy

The ‘Magical Treatise of Solomon’ is also known as the ‘Little Key of the Whole Art of Hygromancy, Found by Several Craftsmen and by the Holy Prophet Solomon,’ or simply as the ‘Hygromanteia.’ This text is a compilation of Greek manuscripts and dates to the 15th century AD. This text is the ancestor of the famous ‘Key of Solomon.’

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