How a Viking Amulet Solved the Mystery of Thor's Hammer

July 16, 2020 - General
Thor's hammer amulet

In 2014, archaeologists solved a long-running mystery through the discovery of a 10th century Viking artifact resembling Thor’s Hammer. Before then, they were only working with a hunch about the 1,000-plus ancient amulets that had been found across Northern Europe.

The Prominence of Mjölnir Amulets

The relics, known as the Mjölnir (Mjöllnir) amulets, appear to depict hammers, which historians have linked to the Norse god Thor. However, this could not be concluded with certainty for a very long time as their shapes are not conclusive and none of them contained inscriptions revealing their identity.

But things changed in 2014, when one amulet was found with a clear indication describing what the pendant is trying to depict. That artifact was found in Købelev, on the Danish island of Lolland. It was the first of its kind to be discovered with an inscription.

The runic text reads “Hmar x is”, which translates to “this is a hammer”. Cast in bronze, and likely plated with silver, tin, and gold, the 1,100-year-old pendant shows that Thor’s myth deeply influenced Viking jewelry.

The rune-inscribed Mjöllnir amulet

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