Human Origins According to Ancient Greek Mythology

July 8, 2020 - General
'The Creation of Man' in ancient Greek Mythology

Every culture has an explanation about how we got here. The ancient Greeks were no different. The dramatic story of the origins of humanity in Greek mythology involves love, pain, and a hefty dose of violent fighting between divine family members.

Variations of the creation story of Greek mythology can be found within many ancient texts. The most complete example is Theogony by the Greek poet Hesiod, who lived around the 8th century BC. His work combines all ancient Greek myths and traditions up to his time.

In Greek Mythology, Everything Began with Chaos

According to Theogony, in the beginning only chaos and void existed throughout the entire universe. It is worth noting here that the Greek word chaos does not have the same meaning as it holds today – it simply meant ‘empty space or a dark void.’

Chaos was followed by Gaia (which means earth) and Eros (which is love). It is not specified if Gaia and Eros were born from Chaos or whether they were pre-existing; however, Hesiod mentions that Gaia came into existence in order to become the home of the gods. This is similar to other ancient myths, such as the Sumerian creation myth, which describes how Earth was initially created as a dwelling for the gods.


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