Krubera Cave – Journeying to the Depths of Georgia in One of the World’s Deepest Caves

May 5, 2019 - General
Ice Cave Lake, Krubera Cave

Krubera Cave was once thought to be the deepest cave on earth, although now it is generally regarded as the second deepest. This natural wonder, found in the Republic of Georgia, is renowned among cavers due to its arduous challenges and the subterranean depth.

The Geology and Layout of Krubera Cave

The cave is located in the Arabika Massif of the Gagra Range of the Western Caucasus and overlooks the Black Sea. It is not the only cave in the area, there are many others in the north-west of Georgia, and in fact Krubera is not far from the world’s deepest cave, the Voronya Cave system. It is a mere 80 feet (24 meters) or so deeper than the third deepest cave which is in the Austrian Alps.

The depth of the cave as measured from the entrance to the distance of the deepest explored point is approximately 7,200 feet (2,200 meters). The entrance is surprisingly narrow for such a large cavern and the bottom was only located in 2001.

Inside Krubera Cave, Georgia

Inside Krubera Cave, Georgia. (Excitement N Net)


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