Legendary Black Knights: Mysterious Medieval Entities of Neutrality

July 13, 2019 - General
Legendary Black Knights: Mysterious Medieval Entities of Neutrality

Black Knights began to appear in history during the Middle Ages. Since the 13th century, a series of legends mentioning the mysterious Black Knights emerged. Although the Black Knights were said to have carried out good deeds and fought to protect cities from unjust rulers and other threats, texts referring to these legends were censored and banned by the Church during the medieval period. Nevertheless, the story of the legendary black knight Ashor endured over the centuries.

Black Knights in Arthurian Legends

The figure of the Black Knight appears in several Arthurian legends as an ambiguous motif who often emerges as a competitor for one of the better-known Arthurian knights. It’s also the role that a couple of the Arthurian knights have had.

As an example of the first, Sir Percival fights a Black Knight after exchanging rings with the other knight’s wife, creating confusion and conflict. In the second reference to the Arthurian Black Knight, we see Sir Lancelot dressing up as a black knight as a disguise. But the best known example of a Black Knight in Arthurian legends is undoubtedly Sir Morien, the son of Sir Agrovale and a Moorish princess, causing him to be referred to by this title due to his African lineage.

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