Must Farm: Britain's Pompeii Reveals Burning Bronze Age Secrets

June 12, 2019 - General
Must Farm was only inhabited for about a year before burning away

Dubbed ‘Britain’s Pompeii,’ Must Farm is an amazingly well-preserved Bronze Age site in Cambridgeshire, England. The 3,000-year-old site has made international archaeology news headlines time and again for fantastic discoveries. Tools, housing, and even vitrified food have all been impeccably preserved at the waterlogged site. Now, archaeologists have made another startling discovery – the Bronze Age settlement was only inhabited for about a year before it fell in a catastrophic fire.

Meet Must Farm, A Bronze Age Time Capsule

Must Farm is located in a fen (wetland) and its houses are said to be the ‘most completely preserved prehistoric domestic structures found in Britain.’ Lead archaeologist of the Cambridge Archaeological Unit, Mark Knight, provided Ancient Origins with an insight into how thrilling it is excavating at Must Farm:

“Working at the site was a series of daily, almost hourly moments of astonishment and wonder (with each new discovery seemingly outshining the last). This was invariably accompanied by a faint rotten-egg smell that goes with most waterlogged sites – the smell of gradual organic decay.”

Source: origins

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