Neolithic Chinese Had a Special Relationship with Hares

May 11, 2020 - General
Left: Skull of a desert hare (Lepus capensis) from the Neolithic Chinese farming community in Yangjiesha, which was used in the study (S. Hu / Antiquity Publications Ltd).        Right top: Jade carving of a rabbit from a Western Zhou Dynasty (1046–771 BC) tomb in Shaanxi Province. (P. Sheng / Antiquity Publications Ltd).        Right bottom: Bronze ornament for a chariot in the shape of a rabbit recovered from Yulin. (P. Sheng / Antiquity Publications Ltd).

Researchers in China have found evidence that Stone Age people had a close relationship with hares. While they never domesticated them as they did with dogs, it appears that humans changed the behaviors of these small mammals.

Source: origins

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