Portus Study Reveals Vandal's Invasion Destroyed Roman's Luxury Diets, And Class System

June 12, 2019 - General
: Sacking of Rome by the Vandals dramatically changed the diet of Portus inhabitants

The diets and geographic origins of people living in Portus, the main maritime port of Imperial Rome, have been determined through analysis of human, plant and animal remains, revealing that after the Vandals sacked Rome in AD 455 a quick change in food resources caused widespread nutritional depletion.

Portus was a vast artificial harbor established by Roman Emperor Claudius in the first century AD and it’s estimated to measure a whopping 3.5km sq. This ancient center of Roman trade and commerce is situated on the north mouth of the Tiber, on the Tyrrhenian coast and served as Rome’s chief gateway to the Mediterranean.

Source: origins

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