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Annie Newton (Tittensor) chats with Steve Meads

MUFON Australia presents…
On the 31-5-2015 MUFON Australia hosted an online meeting.
People from around the world logged on to see Steve Meads present his theory on the Chauvet cave art.
For nearly two and a half hours we sat mesmerised. Not only by the fascinating art but also by the hidden details that have been created as a part of the art.

Steve’s book is incredible and contains further information, but to see him point out every single little detail and describe how each part links to the ancient Egyptians, Sumerians and on to Mars along with utterly amazing links to Leonardo da Vinci was, to say the least, jaw dropping!
Viewers comments from the meeting;
“you can hold a audience for 2.5 hours without a break!”
“I could not believe at the end of your presentation – just how fixed I was on your information!”
“I went away from your presentation ‘thinking’ about ‘everything’ ancient and why are we so stupid not to have seen this.”
“You should be presenting your information to conferences, You have got more than any other of what is needed to do it.”
“Your Theory is so compelling it should the highlight of all conferences.”
Whispering Serenity #ATTENTION #TO #ALL If you haven’t read Steve Meads book yet , I suggest you buy it today because this when suddenly hits the mainstream media and it will , you will have a head start before the rest. This will be one of the greatest discoveries of all times!!!!
“You got me all fired up here. Not many, I feel, have come in so close to the center of the labyrinth as you have, magnificent intuitive observations!”