Rare Rock Art in Mysterious Dolmen Discovered in the Golan

July 21, 2020 - General
Rock art found in a dolmen in the Golan Heights.

A megalithic tomb in the Golan Heights has been discovered to contain unique rock carvings. The rock art on the dolmen may provide insight into the mysterious culture that inhabited the area and built numerous dolmens between 4,000-4,500 years ago.

Zoomorphic Depictions Hidden in Plain Sight

The rock art was discovered in the dolmen about two years ago by a park ranger during one of her daily walks, according to archaeologist Uri Berger, who works with the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA). When the IAA arrived to examine her discovery, Berger says they “looked inside we saw this is not just lines carved or some stains on the wall, this is rock art.” The carvings have been hidden in plain sight, overlooked by researchers since people first began to really study the site 200 years ago.

The ancient rock art depicts seven horned animals. France 24 reports that one group of three of the animals is facing east, another group of three faces west, and one from each of those groups, which archaeologists believe are representations of a male and female, are facing each other. The last of the horned animals is carved into another panel, but faces those other six. The zoomorphic designs are the first ones discovered in the region.

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