Scientists Find Evidence for the Tsunami that Washed Out Doggerland

July 17, 2020 - General
Representation of the Mesolithic people of Doggerland dealing with rising sea levels.

The UK used to be attached to mainland Europe thousands of years ago. The landmass that made the connection is called Doggerland. That land is now underwater and scientists have been working for years to find out what was the last big catastrophe to hit the hunter-gatherers living there before their prehistoric homes were washed away. A new study reveals that it was a tsunami.

Doggerland – The Atlantis of Britain

Doggerland is popularly called the Atlantis of Britain or a prehistoric Garden of Eden. Located in the North Sea, estimates suggest it measured approximately 100,000 square miles (258,998 sq. km) when it was at its greatest extent. Scientists judge that climate change diminished the territory of Doggerland so much that it turned from a vast landmass to an island, and then was eventually consumed by the surrounding waters.

By studying prehistoric animal bones and, to a lesser extent, human remains and artifacts, scientists believe Doggerland was first inhabited around 10,000 BC. It was a home to Stone Age hunter-gatherers and provided them with a passage between what is now Britain and mainland Europe.

Source: origins

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